Sexual assault and "touching the hip"

Sexual assault and similar crimes have been in the headlines recently.

Since the Weinstein scandal broke out with huge allegations of assault, groping, rape and other crimes have been prominent news.

The scandal is expected to simply be the tip of the ice berg in the entertainment industries and since its publication many other events and scandals have been publicised – often with men in power abusing their power criminally either to humiliate or to take sexual advantage.

Tommy Robinson a point of view

There has been a lot of talk about Tommy Robinson but have you, or anyone on this site actually listened to his actual views. not how the MSM portrays him?

Hear is two videos made at the Oxford Union.

1] Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union on why he started the English Defence League

2] Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union on why he started the English Defence League, plus his Q & A


Vote Labour, Same Politics just rebranded.

Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow

The Rising of Britain’s ‘New Politics’ by J Pilger.

A decent article on New, new Labour, Here is the link

Well worth a read, remembering the rules.

1] This form of Politics is not just practiced by UK Politicians.

2] As i have said before the first rule in politics is gain power [anyhow] The second rule stay in power [anyhow] again not unique to the UK. [or even politics]

3] Lastly, watch what your leaders do, not what they say. [both political and religious]

Where is rent a mob?

Where is rent a mob?

Where is rent a mob? Who pays rent a mob? Who are rent a Mob?

For years now there as been an unofficial war between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Yemen. [I am not even going to mention Iraq/Syria and Libya]

You have the mass slaughter of woman and children [who are mainly Muslim] by the use of advanced weapons by the Saudis [who are mainly Muslim]

Yes they [the Saudi’s] are using advanced weapons bought from the west. But there is no compulsion from the west to buy these weapons, or use them woman and children?

Yet if the west by the use of drones kills innocent civilians, or indeed if Israel kills innocent civilians. We have mass protests on the streets against these atrocities.

From an article in the Spectator

Fish Love

Fish & Chips

An interesting video on love:

For some reason the video is not embedding. The video is asking the question whether you love fish. Is it love if you take it out of the ocean, kill it and eat it?

What is described as love in this example is something you find beneficial. You love what you benefit from. This love is then contrasted with another form of love – one that you ivet in, one that you give into and it is suggested that the love where you ge is superior to the love where you recieve.

I dont necessarily agree with it, but it is interested to analyse why we desire what we desire.

Labour with Jeremy Corbyn is the only choice we have in this election

Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow

Labour with Jeremy Corbyn is the only choice we have in this election. He has opposed wars in the Middle East, had lobbied for the Palestinians and even vowed to recognise Palestine immediately after he is elected.

Who else has promised us this? For those of you who do not believe in voting, how are you going to change the system if you don't play by the system. Other minorities have a greater say in the country than we do even though we are one of the biggest minorities in the U.K.

*Labour Manifesto Policies*

1.) £10 minimum wage.

2.) No increase in N.I. or Income Tax if earning less than £80k a year (those earning slightly above receiving a modest increase - 5% of the working populace).

3.) Scrapping tuition fees.

The Conservatives' "Abuse of Justice" & the Trojan Horse Conspiracy

Trojan Horse

A couple of years ago there was a lot of hoohaa in the media about a conpiracy for Muslim extremists to take over schools, mostly in Birmingham. A lot of this hullabaloo was supported by the then Prime Minister David Cameron, his Education Minister Michael Gove and the OFSTED head Michael Wilshaw.

The hysteria reached such levels that a government enquiry was set up to investigate the infiltration.

The Muslim community in Birmingham was much demonised by this enquiry and many students and teachers tarnished by the media hysteria.

The Conservatives are still on course for victory


Dont believe the opinion polls which suggest that the Conservative lead is slipping. My blog posts on and will explain my views on how the system works and what the polls are really saying.

In short, Conservative voters are more likely to actually actually turn up to vote than Labour voters, who will be busy tweeting and posting on facebook telling others to vote.

The Secrets of Electoral Opinion polls

Opinion Polls arrows

With the narrowing of opinion polls recently in the UK General election, I think people need to question what they actually show.

An opinion poll of voting preference is not simply asking 20 people (or 200 or even 2000) people what they think and then publishing the results.

They are a lot more involved than that and depending on the assumptions used the results can vary greatly.

Firstly a simple example.

To simplily matters and ignore opinion, consider an election on a factual basis where a person would vote whether they are old or young. Based on the criteris there are 20 participants that can vote – 10 old people and 10 young people

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