Eid Mubarak (with links to Eid related events useful for those without families to celebrate with and especially for Converts)

Eid Mubarak everyone!

On the occasion of Eid, no one should be alone so if you know any people without families to celebrate Eid with, remember them and invite them to your communities.

This isolation is especially felt by converts.

On Twitter there is a list of events around the UK that people can attend to celebrate Eid:

(Ideally this should have been posted earlier).

If you know other events, feel free to post them in the comments below or on that twitter thread.

Either way, I hope you all have a joyous Eid.

Did you watch "Lost Boys? What's going wrong for Asian Men"

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

It is on .

On twitter there was quite the outroar about it - both from those that supported it, those that thought that it was offensive and those that had been filmed for the documentary but then cut, being told that they did not fit into the narrative that wanted to be portrayed.

I will be interested in reading the comments of those who have seen it.


Who is alive and kicking?

This website has been on life support for a number of years.

The main reasons for keeping it running were the chance that someone may decide to put some time and effort into it and secondly, to keep all the old content.

However recently, Google has initiated a policy where search results for "non-secure" websites are not given as much prominence.

The current incarnation of this website does not have https activated. While it is not too difficult, a question of need remains.

There have been a number of issues recently that would have benefited from having more voices from the Muslim community - especially women when it comes to women's rights issues.

Who are your Friends? Who are your Enemies?

Who are your Friends? Who are your Enemies?

Tough question, but do I know the answer? No, but I believe that I can give a few pointers, leaving the rest up to you.

We [or the world] as been going through some trying times. What with the Arab spring, starting with the Tunisia, then Egypt with the election of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its rise and fall?

If it is not my fault, then whose is it?

If it is not my fault, then whose is it?

You have all heard of the story of Adam and Eve, but here is a new angle.

God had created the Garden of Eden and then created Adam and Eve. He told him, you can eat of the garden any plant or animal, it is there for your needs. But;

There is always a but; Do not eat from a certain tree, the tree of life, which is also the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the middle of the Garden, the rest of the garden is for your pleasure and needs.

It is Better to be Oppressed than Becoming an Oppressor

Half moon just before sunset on the 7th of Ramadan

Its an interesting short excerpt from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf from a lecture in 2016.

Its only 3 mimutes and worth watching.

I heard a short part of a lecture from SHaykh Hamza Yusuf recently while passing while he was talking about oppression and how a Muslim should react.

The first one was thankfulness - Thank Allah (swt) that the oppression is not worse.

We sometimes get all caught up in slight problems and prejudice that Muslims face here in the UK, but when compared with what others have faced - Muslims and non Muslims, we should be immensely grateful.

What to look for in a laptop

Laptop on grass

DISLCAIMER: Subject to interpretation, individual use and budget

My checklist to buying a Laptop. 

  1. CPU (i5 or i7 for best performance)
  2. RAM (8GB, nothing lower IMO)
  3. Display Resolution (1920x1080)
  4. Size (14 - 16 inches)
  5. Keyboard (Spaced out, with a number pad. Backlit if you're feeling ambitious)


Feel free to add, remove, outsmart or make a suggestion. 

PS. Admin, please add a cool picture. Thanks.

I saw the moon and it was spectacular

Crescent moon on 2nd night of Ramadan

I saw the crescent moon the other day and it was pretty impressive.

The only issue is that I did not look for it before the month of ramadan started (and how many of us look for the new crescent at the start of the other months of the lunar calendar?)

It is an important sunnah that is often neglegted.

This year though the Royal Observatory stepped up with helping the ummah carry out the this important sunnah. For facebook members, the can be seen

Great Return march Massacre(s) at the Gaza Fence

Waving the Palestinian Flag

It's almost like Israel is ashamed that its place as the most vile regime in the middle east has been challenged by Assad of Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Today was the 70th anniversary of the destitution of many Palestinian people and in Gaza they took part in an unarmed protest. They were met with bullets and massacre.

This has happened the past few weeks and shows that the Israeli regime is no different to Assad - they are just faced with less people capable of even protesting peacefully.