Umrah packages 2019 for wish to complete the Holy journey

Al-Hijaz Tours offering you the wide variety of Umrah packages 2019 to the Muslims community of United Kingdom. We have an experienced to provide the best deals for the customers. We have the best resources to meet your expectations. We make your journey more memorable for you. We are offering you 13-nights 4-star Umrah package, 13-nights 5-star Umrah package, 5-star Ramadan Umrah Package, 4-star Ramadan Umrah package. Which Umrah package is suitable for you, you can choose that and can get more details from our staff members. We are guaranteed that we are offering you reliable Hajj and Umrah services. You just come and enjoy the 2019 and make your tour memorable throughout the life.

Facilities for Umrah pilgrimage:

These packages include the facilities that are compulsory for any tour. We are offering you the best accommodation in Saudi Arabia. We are providing you nearest residence to the Haram.  We have 4-star and 5-star accommodation in Makah and Medina according to your package.  We are providing you the experienced and qualified guides who will help you with your complete journey. If you face any problem in Makah and Medina or you want to find any path you can contact with guides. We have planned the Ziyarat of Makah and Medina. Ziyarat of Makah and Medina is complimentary for you. We are providing you the air-conditioned transport in Makah and Medina. Our transport service is reliable and convenient.  Our experienced staff is available for you 24/7.

Umrah and steps before Umrah   

Umrah is a major pilgrimage in our religion that is performed any time in the year. Umrah is the minor Hajj and Al-Hijaz tour is giving you a chance to perform Umrah this year. You must be complete this journey with gratitude and for forgiveness. Muslims want to perform Umrah once in their lifetime. Many Muslims . In Ramadan, the reward of every deed multiplies by the 70. Umrah pilgrimages are famous all over the world. Muslims from all over the world go to Saudi Arabia for the fulfillment of this pilgrimage.

You must take the following things in your mind:

•    Why You Wear Ihram in Mina

•    Why Pilgrims go to Makkah

•    The Relevance of Doing Tawaf

•    History behind Walking Between Safa and Marwa

•    Significance of the Kaaba Doors

•    Rituals Prior to Entering Kaaba

•    Importance of Zam Zam

•    Significance of Yemeni Corner

Packing List for Umrah Pilgrimage

•    Tasbih

•    2-3 sets of Ihram and belt for holding the clothes together

•    Print-outs of your Umrah travel itinerary

•    Sunglasses

•    Universal Charger and Adapter

•    2 Pairs of Slippers

•    Ear Plugs and Sleeping Mask

•    Basic First Aid Kit and medicines for special medical situations of the patient

•    Shaving and Hair Cutting Kit

•    Personal Dua List

•    Pocket Quran

•    Light foldable Mat

•    Umbrella

•    Unscented Sunscreen