Apps that help Muslims practice Islam in daily life

Time in today’s world has become the most precious item but everyone is short of it. Days pass in a flick of an eye, months and years seem to pass in a blazing speed. Everyone has become so busy in life that people don’t even have time for themselves and to practice religion. What does Islam say about this shortage of time & what can help Muslim practice Islam in such a daily routine, here we have some that could help Muslims.

Prophet said,  “The Hour will not begin until time passes quickly, so a year will be like a month, and a month will be like a week, and a week will be like a day, and a day will be like an hour, and an hour will be like the burning of a braid of palm leaves.”

Following are some of the apps that help practice Islam in daily life:

Salam Planet:

If you are fed up installing different apps for different useful features, Salam Planet is an all in one application featuring all Islamic features. Available in both App Store and Google PlayStore, the app features powerful Islamic features such as Quran, prayer times, Mosque locator, Hadith books, daily prayers, tasbeeh and many others.

But the app is not limited to just these features it also helps you find halal restaurants and islamic events nearby. Salam Play is a powerful feature to watch videos, biographies and Islamic lectures.

Still not all, this lifestyle app also lets people build a community, share updates, request prayers and much more. All in all, this app gives your everything in one single platform.

Islam 360:

Islam 360 is an app developed for Muslims who want complete information on Islam, read & listen quran, hadith, get prayer time updates & much more.

Entire Holy Quran is available in different translations and different Qirat options are available. Also, users can select translation and Tafseer of favorite scholars.

Never miss Fajr:

The biggest issue faced by Muslims like me in today’s world is missing out the Fajr prayer. This Islamic productivity app “Never Miss Fajr” helps waking up on Fajr time with its aggressive alarm.

To turn off the alarm, user will have to either adopt two options. Whether the user should answer 5 Islam related questions or shake the device 20 times.

Lil Muslims:

Educating your kids true Islamic values and laws is the most important in today’s world. This kids’ education app helps kids learn Islam in the most interactive way. Having mapped fun with learning, the app has become the most useful to make kids learn supplications and other different things.


Learning Islamic Teaching now a days is very easy i this mordren era through these Islamic Apps.

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