About The Revival

What is 'The Revival' all about?

The Revival is about dealing with the issues facing the Muslims today.

The Revival came into existence with the aim of producing Islamic literature which was down to earth, readable, entertaining as well as educational.

In the last few years we have dealt with every possible issue from sex, drugs and rock 'n roll to politics, proof of Islam to the Dajjal, arranged marriage to alien-nation and terrorism in the only way we know how.

The Revival is not affiliated with any organisation and is a platform for Muslims of all walks of life to engage with each other and the wider world in a friendly and open environment.

The Website

This website came into existence at the end of 2000, when it was felt that we needed a medium to communicate with people all over the world. After many tweaks, a couple of changes in direction, we have arrived at the current point.

The website aims to be a platform for Muslims to make their voice heard, to discuss issues affecting us and to be a confident part of society.

The Magazine

The Magazine was created by a small but strong team woking on a voluntary basis. The original "Voice of the Muslim Youth" started off as a newsletter in 1996 that cotinued until 2002. It was relaunched in May 2005.

The print magazine is no longer being published except for the occasional special occasion. A copy of the previous issues is available online for everyone to read.

The Revival Magazine was freely distributed across the UK at no cost to the recipient.


The Revival is an open platform where people are free to air their views, learn about Islam and get more comfortable about their faith. If you feel that this is something that interests you, please feel free to join. There is no buy in needed for a bigger picture or a masterplan - "The Revival" is simply diverse people going about their lives doing their things and discussing things that matter to them. and you.

The Revival team is always expanding, improving as well as coming out with brainwaves, from the design and layout of the magazine to submitting articles and proofreading.


If You have any feedback, comments, criticisms or suggestions, , Or alternatively let us all know on the .

Thank You,
The Revival Team