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Umrah is a great Holy Worship for relief and gladness. It’ll remove distress in your life and it’ll also take you out of your anxiety and will put you in a calm situation and will provide you true happiness. Haramayn Tours only the way where you’ll get 5 star Umrah packages and perform your duty in a true manner because it does not only remove your anxiety but your dues are also answered.  So don’t miss this opportunity and visit the home of Allah and pray for their countless blessings. It as well opens the gate of sustenance and mercy. It also increases your knowledge about Islam and the world.

The Boris election, or how to stop him.


It seems like it was just yesterday when we last had a general election, and here we are with a new one on our doorsteps.

This time, it seems the Conservatives have a runaway lead and nothing will stop him. Which, well is pretty similar to last time.

However one difference this time is that many mainstream media outlets do not seem to be following the usual "purdah" rules for impartiality. If you look at political editors for the BBC and ITV, you will notice a whiff of... something.

Slippery Boris

It cannot be denied that Boris Johnson is a formidable opponent/politician. Mostly because unlike most, he seems to have absolutely no scruples and there probably isn't anyone who he hasnt lied to or betrayed so far.

Apps that help Muslims practice Islam in daily life


Time in today’s world has become the most precious item but everyone is short of it. Days pass in a flick of an eye, months and years seem to pass in a blazing speed. Everyone has become so busy in life that people don’t even have time for themselves and to practice religion. What does Islam say about this shortage of time & what can help Muslim practice Islam in such a daily routine, here we have some that could help Muslims.

Surah Fatiha Verse 1

Surah Fatiha Verse 1

The Very Basic Creed Of A Muslim Is To Believe In The Oneness Of Allah Almighty. After Having This Belief, There Must Be A Connection Of A Muslim With His Lord Almighty. How Can This Connection Be Established? How Can One Get Close To The Blessed Court Of Allah Almighty? How Can One Become The Beloved Of Allah Almighty? Answers Of These Questions Are Very Important For A Muslim. The One Who Wants To Please Lord Almighty Searches For The Answer Of These Questions. The One Answer To These Questions Is That; One Must Always Praise And Thank The Lord Almighty. The Best Wordings For The Praise And Gratitude Of Allah Almighty Are In The Very First Ayah Of The Holy Quran “الحمد لله رب العلمين”.

The Ummah is burning

All across the Muslim world, Muslims are being oppressed - either by other Muslims, or by Non-Muslims.

Even in places like Turkey the hardcore ultra secularists are still just waiting to get their revenge on the religious people who currently have the power.

Palestine is always an easy cause and it has been going for a long time. The people need resolution.

But unlike before when the Arab street at least felt sympathetic, that seems to have changed. Instead of the leaders making atleast some statements in support of the Palestinians due to fear of the people, the people too often support their dictatorships against raising any voice.

4 Islamic lifestyle events in UK every British Muslim must participate

islamic events

Out of hectic routine life, everyone wants a little time to rejoice themselves. For expats however, it might not be too easy to find a lifestyle event of their culture. United Kingdom on the other hand has a reputation to host diverse cultures and so we find a lot of Islamic lifestyle events for Ummah living in the UK. Here we are talking about the top 4 of such Islamic lifestyle events that are a must have to participate for any British Muslim.

Ways to Boost Self Esteem in an Individual

Woman Skateboarding

The best way to improve your self-esteem is to learn from your experience and not to repeat any mistakes you did in the past, otherwise it will just be a never-ending cycle.

Be true to yourself, after all, that matters most is how you see yourself and deem importance to yourself even if someone has a negative opinion about you. Never undermine your qualities.

Small updates


I have done a few small updates to the site - the previous 1 column layput didnt work well so I reverted that and made that wider.

I also recently purchased a laptop with a poor quality screen. It helped show some colours were not visible on eg the forum page or the recent posts page. Using a darker shade of background colour now, though it looks garish.

On the bigger front, much closer to being able to move to a newer codebase (move from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 ) for the website should I choose to do so.

That leads to the question of whether there is any value for this place continuing to exist.

It is not being used, so its only purpose is as a historical archive - there are cheaper ways of managing that.

We need more counsellors in the community

Sakoon Islamic counselling logo

Yes the community needs more counsellors but you will also learn more about yourself and who you are as well as your connection with Allah

Become a fully qualified professional Counsellor and regsiter with the leading governing body of the UK.

Our courses combine .

We have

Level 2 Counselling Skills

Level 3 Counselling Studies

Level 4 Diplome in Therapeutic Counsellor

All our are approved and registered with CPCAB

The Let's Talk Show on Radio Ramadan

The Let's Talk Show - hosted by Sajid Iqbal of The Revival

The Let's talk show has returned on the airwaves most nights this this Ramadan.


This year it is broadcasting from 12:30AM to 2:30AM.

Todays guests: Shaykh Salim Ghisa & Shaykh Haroon Hanif

Topic: Zakat Q & A

Tune in in Oldham at 87.7FM

Online you can watch lie on youtube at

Or at