My three things for Christmas

Santa being Teargassed by Israeli forces in Palestine

My three things for Christmas

Instead of my usual, it’s Christmas and no one really cares, or we worry that we might offend people by celebrating Christmas. My dig at the PC Brigade, here are three things that may or may not be worth thinking about?

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (Civil War background)

A poem by Longfellow set to music and pictures. It is about the American Civil War of 1861-65. But it could be about many wars, civil or not since, when many millions have died and suffered.

Importance of Synchronization during Hajj

Hajj is referred as a very signified event for all the Muslims around the world. This occasion has been declared among one of the largest events globally. Hajj takes place each year and this is the mandatory duty of all the Muslims who are physically and financially competent to perform Hajj once in their life. According to the reports, and every year this amount keeps on changing.

Indonesia Earthquake and tsunami

It has now been a few weeks since the earthquake and following tsunami which struck Indonesia.

There are many places with appeals for Indonesia victims and survivors - many will need long term support to be able to rebuild, others may never recover.

If you can afford it, any little that you can give will help.

You will have your favourite method of donating, but for those that don't I will provide one link:

The final assault is about to take place against ISIL and others in the Syrian city of Idlib

The final assault is about to take place against ISIL and others in the Syrian city of Idlib. Before it does, the western media is already talking of a Human rights tragedy and innocent lives being lost.

Two things spring to mind, 1] Lack of media coverage on the Genocide in Yemen by the Saudi led coalition. 2] Can we trust the media? Here is the full transcript of an article, whilst a decent reading does shed some light on the media and their masters.

Is it not time Britain decided to accept it cannot afford to play in the big league anymore?

ANALYSIS: let’s stop illustrating the mess that is the EU, and start asking who is really running Brexit.

One further blogg coppied in its entireity you might find of interest.

ANALYSIS: let’s stop illustrating the mess that is the EU, and start asking who is really running Brexit.

Date: September 4, 2018 Author: John Ward

In search of genuine intelligence

There was an article proposing thought provoking articles which may or may not create interest. here is an article [in full] of one of my favourite Bloggers


We live on a planet where spoken language sets us apart from other species, and the possibilities for perversion of that skill are infinite. That is a dangerous world in which it is the duty of all responsibly intelligent humans to highlight and condemn the counterfeit currency of propaganda in all its forms. Before it leaps headlong into the anarchic creation of Artificial Intelligence, Homo sapiens needs a far more discerning definition of what useful intelligence is….and how to encourage it.


Eid Mubarak (with links to Eid related events useful for those without families to celebrate with and especially for Converts)

Eid Mubarak everyone!

On the occasion of Eid, no one should be alone so if you know any people without families to celebrate Eid with, remember them and invite them to your communities.

This isolation is especially felt by converts.

On Twitter there is a list of events around the UK that people can attend to celebrate Eid:

(Ideally this should have been posted earlier).

If you know other events, feel free to post them in the comments below or on that twitter thread.

Either way, I hope you all have a joyous Eid.

Did you watch "Lost Boys? What's going wrong for Asian Men"

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

It is on .

On twitter there was quite the outroar about it - both from those that supported it, those that thought that it was offensive and those that had been filmed for the documentary but then cut, being told that they did not fit into the narrative that wanted to be portrayed.

I will be interested in reading the comments of those who have seen it.


Who is alive and kicking?

This website has been on life support for a number of years.

The main reasons for keeping it running were the chance that someone may decide to put some time and effort into it and secondly, to keep all the old content.

However recently, Google has initiated a policy where search results for "non-secure" websites are not given as much prominence.

The current incarnation of this website does not have https activated. While it is not too difficult, a question of need remains.

There have been a number of issues recently that would have benefited from having more voices from the Muslim community - especially women when it comes to women's rights issues.

Who are your Friends? Who are your Enemies?

Who are your Friends? Who are your Enemies?

Tough question, but do I know the answer? No, but I believe that I can give a few pointers, leaving the rest up to you.

We [or the world] as been going through some trying times. What with the Arab spring, starting with the Tunisia, then Egypt with the election of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its rise and fall?