Bombs that changed Britain

Bombs that changed Britain

There has been a series being shown on the BBC about the bombing of Britain in the war 1939-45. instead of the usual, “didn’t we all pull together and we showed our British stiff upper lip, singing patriotic songs etc”. This as been done to death that people now just switch off.

What is different in this series is it takes individual bombs? Then plots either lives of individuals, or how the authorities coped and what the results of that coping led to both locally and nationally. It also shows a snapshot of how life was like for the ordinary working classes at that time.

Part three of the Life of Jesus

The Holy Family returns to Galilea

Joseph is told [in a dream] that Herod TG is dead and that he and his family can return to Galilea.

As mentioned before Jesus’s birth is only mentioned in two of the four gospels [Mathew and Mark] the other two gospels [Luke and John] don’t. Why?

The first thing is that they were written from different viewpoints

Part one of the life of Jesus.

Part one of the life of Jesus.

What was Jesus like? Who was Jesus? What made Jesus do and say the things he did?

To know Jesus you have to learn a little of is life, before you can try to understand his teachings and beliefs. Also the main recorded events of Jesus life are in a three year period in which he gathered together his disciples [imagine Mohammed’s companions] Taught his disciples and preached to the mass of the people mainly in Galilea, regardless of religion, nationality, or sex.

Why Channel 4 Documentary "My Week As A Muslim" is a success

Muslim woman using her iphone

There is a lot of criticism out there for the Channel 4 Documentary called “My Week As a Muslim” that was aired tonight.

A lot of it is based on the fact that a non Muslim was taken and “black-faced” to fit as a Muslim/Pakistani stereotype instead of actually talking to actual Muslims.

There are a lot of comments on it on Twitter, a lot of ridicule.

However I think that is part of what makes it a success.

A lot of the comments are accurate. It shouldn't take a white woman to disguise herself as a Pakistani Muslim woman to see the abuse and hate that Muslims can experience.

But it has taken that.

Hate crime is not a new thing. Racist attacks are not a new thing. Even murder of Muslims due to their beliefs is not a new thing.

Sexual assault and "touching the hip"

Sexual assault and similar crimes have been in the headlines recently.

Since the Weinstein scandal broke out with huge allegations of assault, groping, rape and other crimes have been prominent news.

The scandal is expected to simply be the tip of the ice berg in the entertainment industries and since its publication many other events and scandals have been publicised – often with men in power abusing their power criminally either to humiliate or to take sexual advantage.

Tommy Robinson a point of view

There has been a lot of talk about Tommy Robinson but have you, or anyone on this site actually listened to his actual views. not how the MSM portrays him?

Hear is two videos made at the Oxford Union.

1] Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union on why he started the English Defence League

2] Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union on why he started the English Defence League, plus his Q & A


Vote Labour, Same Politics just rebranded.

Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow

The Rising of Britain’s ‘New Politics’ by J Pilger.

A decent article on New, new Labour, Here is the link

Well worth a read, remembering the rules.

1] This form of Politics is not just practiced by UK Politicians.

2] As i have said before the first rule in politics is gain power [anyhow] The second rule stay in power [anyhow] again not unique to the UK. [or even politics]

3] Lastly, watch what your leaders do, not what they say. [both political and religious]

Where is rent a mob?

Where is rent a mob?

Where is rent a mob? Who pays rent a mob? Who are rent a Mob?

For years now there as been an unofficial war between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Yemen. [I am not even going to mention Iraq/Syria and Libya]

You have the mass slaughter of woman and children [who are mainly Muslim] by the use of advanced weapons by the Saudis [who are mainly Muslim]

Yes they [the Saudi’s] are using advanced weapons bought from the west. But there is no compulsion from the west to buy these weapons, or use them woman and children?

Yet if the west by the use of drones kills innocent civilians, or indeed if Israel kills innocent civilians. We have mass protests on the streets against these atrocities.

From an article in the Spectator