I had a strange dream

I had a strange dream?

I woke up one morning after a strange dream. I dreamt that I was walking in the countryside up a gentle hill and on reaching the top. I found that I was looking down on to a grassy meadow.

In the meadow I saw three men who appeared to be walking round in circles, I could tell that they had been doing this for some time, as the grass was flattened and bare soil was to be seen places. Every time one of the men came close to another man who was also walking round in a circle, they seemed to be shouting at each other and waving their arms and fists? A rather strange sight to behold.

Persecuted and Forgotten?

Persecuted and Forgotten?

No I am not talking about Muslims who feel hard done by? I am talking about Christians.

Christians – already the world's most persecuted faith – are suffering worse persecution, violence and intimidation.

The above is a link to the full article, plus I ask you to watch the video [only 4 mins] and still say it is only Muslims who are suffering.

A Pakistani Christian woman as been on Death row for five years.

A Pakistani Christian woman as been on Death row for five years.

A Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi, as been on death row for the past five years for Blasphemy charges.

“The Christian mother of five had been on death row since 2010 after being accused of blasphemy during a dispute over drinking water concerning a fellow factory worker. The death penalty was upheld last October by the Lahore High Court but yesterday the Supreme Court suspended the sentence until the end of the appeal process.”

Persecution of Pakistan's Christians by fanatical Islam

Persecution of Pakistan's Christians by fanatical Islam is a betrayal of Jinnah and founding fathers

The following is a summary of an article by Bishop Michael Nazirili, who just happens to originate from Pakistan and was a Bishop in Lahore before coming to the UK. He was the Bishop of Rochester before retiring .

  A link to his site.

The persecution of Pakistani Christians in Pakistan. Christians represent 2% of the population of Pakistan. They are treated as second class citizens.

Homeless: Life living on the streets

With thousands of people living rough on the streets in the UK, Sajid Iqbal and Moheeb Ali, spoke to one man who has been homeless for the last 15 years across the UK speaking of what life is really like living on the streets.

How did you become homeless?

I was going through a difficult period in my life and I turned to drugs and alcohol. As a result, I lost my house, my friends and unfortunately my family too. When I first hit the streets I only had the clothes on my back and if you’re not streetwise, you’re done for!

Man Of All Time!

Sajid Iqbal

There is no other man who has influenced life for all times. There is no other man who is a perfect role model for all humans for all times. There is no other man who has given rights to people of every society for all times.
So who is it then?

Einstein, Darwin, Marx, Socrates, Newton, Plato, Freud… (who?).
OK, is it Jesus, Moses, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Gandhi, Buddha, Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Churchill, Martin Luther King, Shakespeare, Princess Diana or Abraham Lincoln? Or even (God forbid) Ali G, Tu Pac, Michael Jackson or David Beckam?


Catherine Heseltine is someone you would have seen on the mainstream media like BBC or Sky News representing Islam and the Muslims. Catherine is the CEO of Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) and she had a good old chat with The Revivals’ Iram Ramzan.

Despite standing on her feet for half a day, Catherine Heseltine’s mission in talking to every single Muslim about the importance of getting active in politics and media did not diminish.
And nor did her trademark smile.

8 Reasons why Osama bin Laden was bad for the Ummah

Irfan Jalil

8 – Confirmed media stereotypes

As if Muslims with bushy beards weren’t having a bad time already, what with stereotypes of Muslims terrorists in Hollywood films and Western newspapers. Along comes the biggest terrorist attack in America and its Muslims who are responsible. Not only that, but a Muslim in a big beard and turban praised those who carried out 9/11 and labelled them as martyrs. This totally contradicts Quran and Sunnah and can lead to kufr. To make matters worse, every other word in his speeches was Allah, Quran or Jihad. Not only did Muslims become synonymous with terrorism but so did Islam.

7 – Usurped authority

From Crime To Islam

The Revival looks at one young mans journey from life on the street to life in prison and then discovering Islam again.

Offence: In possession of drugs with the intent to supply
Time Spent: 6 years

The point in my career which led me to engage in activities of crime was when my mother died. Being only 18 and very close to my mum, it was a huge shock when cancer had swept throughout her entire body and therefore, being unable to cope, I thought taking drugs and alcohol would temporarily ease the pain.