Dr. Hawa Abdi & Her Daughters: The Saints of Somalia

They are Women of the Year because: “They are fearless. Their life’s purpose is to be of service to Somali refugees, and their unwavering fortitude in the face of insurmountable obstacles is a testament to the warrior spirit of women.”
—Iman, cosmetics executive, model and 2006 Woman of the Year, born in Somalia

Her lifesaving efforts started in 1983, when she opened a one-room clinic on her family farm. As the government collapsed, refugees flocked to her, seeking food and care. Today she runs a camp housing approximately 90,000 people, mostly women and children because, as she says, “the men are dead, fighting, or have left Somalia to find work.”


Cousin Marriage is a massive issue especially amongst Asian Muslims in the UK. It divides the Muslim community like nothing else. You're either dead against it because of cultural and medical reasons or its 'cousin marriage or no marriage' in your parents eyes. Mainly it's parents who favour it and the youth who oppose it. The Revival spoke to the Muslim Youth across the UK to get their views on cousin marriages:

Farzana Patel, 25, Bury

I am all for cousin marriages and I don’t see anything wrong with it. The scientific point that people who marry their cousins have defective children is a load of rubbish, because if it was true all or majority of disabled children would have parents who are cousins.

HEROES: Khalid bin Waleed (r.a.)

By Irfan Jalil

Khalid bin Waleed (radhi'allahu anhu) was one of the greatest generals EVER! Before he converted to Islam he fought against Muslims. However, after becoming Muslim he fought courageously and spread Islam to Iraq and Syria.

Unbeaten general

Khalid (r.a.) commanded Muslim armies in wars against two massive superpowers – the Persians and the Byzantines.

Whilst taking Iraq from the Persians, Khalid (r.a) killed a Persian general in a one-on-one fight. He also fought and killed a man who the Persians thought had the strength of ‘a thousand men’.

Khalid (r.a.) told his representatives in Iraq to be good and kind to the Iraqis. The Iraqis became fond of the Muslims because they weren’t used to justice and kindness from the Persians. They welcomed Muslims as liberators.


An interesting figure, no?

I find two things peculiar about him:

1. He was a part of the caliphate movement.
2. While he was part of a non violence movement, he considered violence against a side with over whelming force to also be non-violence.

Abel Xavier accepts Islam

Football star Abel Xavier embraced Islam on a trip to the United Arab Emirates last week and said he will now quit football at the age of 38 to pursue a career in humanitarian work, press reports revealed.

Former Portuguese international, Abel, who will now go by the name of Faisal Xavier, said he regretted leaving the sport but said he was happy to enter a new phase in his life.

"While it's an emotional farewell, I hope to participate in something very special as I enter a new stage of my life," press reports quoted Xavier, who also once played for Liverpool and Everton, as saying.

Exclusive Interview with Sami Yusuf

Humayra Sadiq

The Revival's Humayra Sadiq had the opportunity to talk exclusively to Sami Yusuf about his latest single: ‘You Came to Me.’ Here he tells us about his albums, his charity work and his plans for the future.

Br Sami, Jazakallah for agreeing to take the time out to do the interview with the Revival Magazine.

My pleasure, no problem at all!

You have had a lot of success in the past few years. What inspired you to go down the line of music? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Well, yes I mean everyone – at some point - kind of searches deep inside their souls to find out they have one, or perhaps few, multiple talents that they think they can use and utilise to contribute in their field. For me that ‘one’ talent was music.

I Can Keep Fasting In Ramadan Even When I Am Playing – Fredi Kanoute

Fredi explains how he makes the seemingly impossible a reality during a certain month each year...

To be tremendously fit is a must for all professional footballers: a demand that leads some Muslim players to forgo the duty of fasting during Ramadan, preferring to fulfill their obligation when the football season ends. However, for Sevilla’s Freddie Kanoute, this is not the case.

The former Tottenham Hotspur striker believes it is possible for a modern footballer to remain in peak physical condition during the holy month.