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A Letter to God

May God (swt) bless Liliane and her parents in the afterlife. 
I read this earlier today and I found it incredible. 
I'm sure anyone reading it, will think so too. 


In 1944 the Nazis decided to exterminate the children of the orphanage La Maison d'Izieu. 44 little children were deported to Auschwitz and murdered immediately upon arrival.

Eleven-year-old Liliane Gerenstein was sent to her death a few days after she wrote this letter to God: 

"God? How good You are, how kind and if one had to count the number of goodnesses and kindnesses You have done, one would never finish.

God? It is You who command. It is You who are justice, it is You who reward the good and punish the evil.

Be Easy with The Lovers!

Look at this beautiful but sad poem as narrated by Imām al-Asma‘ī:

On the authority of al-Asma‘ī, that he said, “I was once walking in the village when I came across a stone. Someone had written on it:


أيا معشر العشاق بالله خبروا **** إذا حل عشق بالفتى كيف يصنع

O lovers! By Allah, tell me!
If a young man is overcome by love, what should he do?


So I wrote underneath it:


يداوي هواه ثم يكتم سره **** ويخشع في كل الأمور ويخضع

Let him treat his desire, then conceal his secret
And humble himself in every matter and submit (before his Lord)


I returned the next day and I found written underneath it:


فكيف يداوي والهوى قاتل الفتى **** وفي كل يوم قلبه يتقطع