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Christmas 2012 Doctor Who

If you dont like or dont watch Doctor Who then dont bother commenting because there's obviously something wrong with you and so itd be nice to have normal people commenting on here.

If no one comments, then ill just assume im the only normal one here.

Before I start, if anybody wants to propose or is thinking of proposing blah blah please look at the following link before going ring shopping. Not that id wear the ring anyway since I find them really...annoying. Anyway the box is more attractive than he ring it self.



Could eat fifty courgettes right now. So hungry.

This is what courgettes look like:

This is what courgettes look like in a salad:

Yummy courgette dish:

Don't know what this random collection of healthy looking items are but there are courgettes in there otherwise google images wouldn't have come up with the pic:

Courgettes in spaghetti: