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Amazing title to an Amazing Blog about an Amazing Finding

1. The titles for most of the topics are....(fill the gap)
2. So decided to make a blog about what I did for half an hour today that made my day
3. Don't comment on this blog telling me you find this blog un-amazing because I don't care

So I filtered all my emails on gmail. Now they come through to my inbox with multi-coloured labels. I was so engrossed that I left my phone in the library.

The End.

Socrates’ [wiki] belief that we must reflect upon the life we live was partly inspired by the famous phrase inscribed at the shrine of the oracle at Delphi, “Know thyself.” The key to finding value in the prophecies of the oracle was self-knowledge, not a decoder ring.

Socrates felt so passionately about the value of self-examination that he closely examined not only his own beliefs and values but those of others as well. More precisely, through his relentless questioning, he forced people to examine their own beliefs. He saw the citizens of his beloved Athens sleepwalking through life, living only for money, power, and fame, so he became famous trying to help them.