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The biggest emergency in the UN’s history: Starving in Syria

Syrians 'forced to eat cats and dogs' to survive the war as three-quarters of population of 22 million will need aid to survive next year

Three-quarters of Syria’s 22.4 million people will need humanitarian aid to survive by 2014, according to a UN study. Bread in some areas costs five times what it was at the start of the conflict, and 80 per cent of Syrians say their greatest fear is shortage of food.


So busy getting annoyed at the world and other people....

....but sometimes perhaps it would be nice to look in the mirror and remind ourselves that we need to be awesome before we think we can help others become awesome. 

I saw this video a while ago. Some people think they look better than they actually do. Some people think they look worse than they do. 

Sometimes it might be a good idea to get a picture of yourself and be realistic about your qualities for self improvement.