Exclusive Interview With ZAIN BHIKHA

By Fatima Khonat

So there we were, doing all those laborious tasks the Editor had demanded us to do when only one of the most talented Nasheed artists walked into the media room. Hearts pulsing and trying to keep the ecstatic smiles hidden of our faces we managed to grab a few words with him...without leaving him thinking of The Revival team as freaks.

Met Police Officer Tarique Ghaffur 'relieved of duties' after race claim

Met Police Officer Tarique Ghaffur 'relieved of duties' after race claim

The Metropolitan police chief, Sir Ian Blair, today made a dramatic intervention in the race row engulfing his force when he announced that the senior officer who accused him of being a racist was being temporarily relieved of his duties.

Blair said this afternoon that Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur had been put on authorised leave of his responsibilities with immediate effect.

He blamed Ghaffur's behaviour since his announcement last month that he was taking Scotland Yard to an employment tribunal for racially discriminating against him.

Exclusive Interview with Baba Ali from Ummah Films

Baba Ali (real name Ali Ardekani) has become an Internet phenomenon. He is the co-founder of Ummah Films, and his series of videos on YouTube, 'The Reminder' and 'Ask Baba Ali', have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

Ummah Films seems to use entertainment to reach out to the masses who usually do not attend lectures or services at the mosques to learn about Islam. Baba Ali can now be seen on the Islam Channel and has been a guest at many Islamic conferences around the world.

The Revival caught up with him at a recent event for an exclusive interview...

So how did you get the idea for Ummah Films?

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Mohammad Ali

Mohammed Ali is an artist who combines urban graffiti and Islamic calligraphy. He is based in Birmingham but his work takes him all over the world. The Revival's Irfan Jalil spoke to him about his source of inspiration and the place of art in Islam.

How would you describe the work that you do?

It's about the fusion of graffiti art with Islamic art. Fusing these two elements together to create an urban spiritual art form.

How did you start out as an urban artist?

Malcolm X and Hajj

Many Muslims who have been blessed to make Hajj often speak of how the journey is a life-changing experience. This is more the case for some than others.

Malcolm X is one Muslim who saw the light of true Islam through his Hajj in April 1964. As a former member and speaker for the Nation of Islam, a black spiritual and nationalist movement, he believed that the white man was the devil and the black man superior.

After leaving the Nation of Islam in March 1964, he made Hajj, which helped change his perspective on whites and racism completely.

Muslim Personality of 2007: Sami Yusuf

[b]Sami Yusuf, largely unknown to the Western world, is dubbed ‘Islam’s Biggest Rock Star’ by Time magazine.[/b]

He was born in Tehran but grew up in London in a family of musicians and started composing music at a very young age. He later studied classical oriental music in London, alongside renowned composers and musicians including composers from the Royal Academy of Music in London, which is one of the world’s most prestigious music institutions. He has also studied Islam and Arabic from Al-Azhar University in
Egypt and is able to sing in Urdu, Arabic, English, Turkish and Persian.

Exclusive Interview With Sergeant Yusuf Dar

After the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting and the raids in Forest Gate relations between the Police and the Muslim community have been under the spotlight. Sajid Iqbal, Editor of The Revival, met up with Sergeant Yusuf Dar from the Greater Manchester Police who is the current Chair of the Greater Manchester Muslim Police Association, to discuss the crucial issues facing the Muslim community.

What would you say is the role of the Police? As the view of many people is that “They don’t do anything!”

Exclusive Interview With Yvonne Ridley

By Irfan Khan and Mohammad Ayoub

Yvonne Ridley is probably the most popular revert to Islam, since her conversion back in 2001 after she was captured by the Taliban.

Since embracing Islam she hosts a talk show on Islam Channel and is very outspoken with her views on current issues and how Muslims should behave.

The Revival has met up with sister Yvonne to ask her a few questions.

Revival: Asalamalaykum (Peace be upon You)

Sister Yvonne Ridley: Wa allaykum Salam (Peace be upon you too)

Exclusive Danny Williams Interview

By Shah Siddiki

The Revival talks to Danny Williams about life as a Muslim, his boxing career and his future plans.

Big, powerful and fearless can be three words to describe the current British Boxing heavyweight champion. After knocking out the likes of Iron Mike, Audley Harrison and most recently Matt Skelton, Danny Williams visited Queen Mary's University in East London to discuss Islam and life outside the ring. The talk, hosted at the Mason lecture theatre, turned out to be quite an audience as the big man sat himself down with his title belts gleaming in front of them.

Born and raised in Brixton, Williams described how his life revolved around friends who were involved with drugs, gang violence and prison, yet the only time he went to court was for jury service.