The Revival Guide To The World Cup 2006

The World Cup. Its great innit! We all fool ourselves that our national team is gonna win. We all support the underdog. We all support teams like Nigeria in their matches against European rivals. We all shout ingerluund! ingerluuuund! iinggggerlundddd!

But lets face it, we all know Brazil is gonna win. (EDIT - hindsight is 20:20. Just imagine we said Italy!)

So what really matters is which players makes a name for themselves, which nations are disgraced (2002: France- no goals!), and which TV Channel has the most viewers! All in the name of footballing glory.

Muslim Personality of 2005!

So who has been a great role model for Muslims this year? Who has carried out great work? Who is the individual who has done us proud?

Well first of all we had Amir Khan for his boxing achievements, then we had sisters Yvonne Ridley and Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood for their tireless efforts in dawah, media and education. We had a list of scholars including the likes of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf who have portrayed a very positive image of Islam in the West.

Profile: Sameer Alam

President of the BT Muslim Group.

Where were you born, where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I was born in Kenya and spent most of my life in Uganda. My family still live in Uganda. However I came to England for my A-Levels and University studies. Alhamdulilah after graduating I was employed by BT and have lived in London since.

As the President of the BT Muslim Group, what does your job entail

The BT Muslim Group's aim is to have a voice for Muslims in BT and help them in the growth at work.

Interview with Rasjid Skinner


Al-Haj Abdur-Rasjid Skinner embraced Islam 25 years ago. He is married to a Muslim and has six children. With Degrees in Psychology he currently works in Bradford Hospitals as a 'Consultant Clinical Psychologist'.

He is standing for the Conservative Party in Pendle in the upcoming General Elections (2001)Insha'Allah.

Sajid Iqbal, editor-The Revival, caught up with him for a chat and began by asking what made him embrace Islam?

Property of Allah

Sajid Iqbal

Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Mike Tyson, Chris Eubank, Niel Armstrong, Nicolas Anelka, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jemima Khan, Yusuf Islam… and the list is endless.

These are just some of the famous personalities who had all the money, power, luxuries, enjoyment and fame you could ever imagine but they only found real happiness and inner peace once they embraced Islam and gave up everything for the sake of their Creator.

Now you could be thinking whilst scratching your head and with your mouth wide open, what made these extremely rich and famous individuals embrace Islam?