ANALYSIS: let’s stop illustrating the mess that is the EU, and start asking who is really running Brexit.

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ANALYSIS: let’s stop illustrating the mess that is the EU, and start asking who is really running Brexit.

Date: September 4, 2018 Author: John Ward

 I doubt if the UK press has covered this, but Emmanuel Macron the “centrist” neoliberal banker is about to introduce automatic withdrawal of funds from citizens’ bank accounts for tax payments in France. Not only is he facing huge opposition to this obvious next bale-in-to-rape step, last Sunday the tabloid Aujourd’hui published leaked documents showing that software trials of the new shovel-in-your-account have revealed an unholy mess. Emmanuel is in a hurry to push this stage of Macronisation through because Angel he is under pressure from Berlin and Frankfurt to do it and (b) summer tax receipts for this year are well below target.

Europe is in deep doo-doo, but the UK Government “negotiating” Brexit seems not to care. The Slog asks why this is.


The latest Italian numbers (and the clear bond spikes that reflect the gravity of the situation there) are clear for anyone to see and nobody to deny. One day there is EC spin about Rome’s promises to ‘respect the budgetary rules from Brussels’, and the next we see more details of overdue plans to expand the economy. It’s hard to think of a better reason for such a course of action than the news that Italy’s economy stalled over the last few months; but the monetarist idiots in Frankfurt will have their way….or in this case, not.

It’s almost three weeks now since I posted to predict rising bond yields in Italy. That has duly come to pass – as millions of others knew just as well as I that it would. Five days ago, I blogged to say that the now ‘inevitable’ watered-down Brexit will ensure we ‘remain overdependent on trade with an EU that has insoluble currency, fiscal, migration and economic problems’. And yesterday, I wrote yet another piece pointing out:

Shortly after the referendum on EU membership, I posted this piece in October 2016. May followed every word to the letter….but grossly underestimated the stubbornness of the EC and the disgust of the British People. Even before then, on the day after the referendum, this was The Slog’s headline:

A fortnight later, I led with this headline:

Enough, already. Theresa Mayniac is many things, but she is a cunning manipulator and far from stupid. Like most politicians, she grossly overestimates her abilities. She’s emotionally unintelligent perhaps, but a reasonable chess-player.

Yet she is now in a check-mate. Committed to a dead formula nobody in the UK or Brussels wants, dependent on DUP support and facing rebellion from the BoJo Moggies, she nevertheless sees the obvious situation of an EU close to collapse. She could become a hero overnight by walking away from Barnier’s busted bluff. She could reposition herself as the true soul of sovereign Brexit, force Brussels to face reality, and revel in the sight of the Junckernauts frozen in panic. There would be intervention from the Big EU beasts within days. And her position would be assured, because while the Brexit ‘rebels’ just might bring her down, there’s no way the Remainer Tories would.

But she isn’t going to do it. And it’s time we all analysed the reasons why much more closely.


Consider some parallels.

Theresa May jumps when any sensitive electoral issue comes to the fore. 86 Windrush immigrants get deported (why is still far from proven) but within days they are promised compensation. Clearly, she’ll do and say anything to stay in power. But 3.65 million 1950s born UK women campaign for seven years and more….and neither she nor her predecessors are willing to budge an inch. Why?

Grenfell Tower burns to the ground with a shocking loss of life. Ignoring the fact that 30% of residents were illegally subletting in the tower (May gives them an immediate amnesty) most survivors are rehoused remarkably quickly (despite the fact that none of the claimant numbers make sense) and a full public enquiry is set up within weeks. Again, she is fearful of the predictable backlash from Labour and bleeds all over the carpet about how saddened she is by the (very real) tragedy. But when faced with the chance to turn a populist referendum result into political advantage, she allows an inexplicable delay in triggering Article 50 and almost a full year to pass before negotiations with Brussels begin. Two problematic opportunities, but she treats them entirely differently. Why?

Having missed the opportunity to go balls-out for Brexit and wipe the floor with the Opposition, the Prime Minister has no problem with doing a hugely expensive (and grubby) deal with the DUP which is immediately seized upon by Brussels and the border issue becomes an unlikely deal-breaker. Clearly, there’s nothing wrong with Sister Theresa’s political instincts (they are utterly base) but she’s more than happy to have her hands further tied during the Brexit process. Reversing her stance on SPA reforms and screwing the best deal possible out of a weak Brussels would have annihilated the challenge from Coybynite Labour. But she chose to look the obvious gift-horse in the eye. Why?

Not being a Leftist Remainoid – that is, existentially mad – The Mayniac knows perfectly well that she could play up the EU’s myriad problems, engage the now clear UK majority in favour of getting on with Brexit, frighten the Tory Remaindeer into silence, and have a clear run at an isolated (and probably a breakaway suffering) FootLabour2 in 2022. Instead, she comes up with the Chequers Formula to unite the entire spectrum of Brexit opinion against her. She loves power, and yet she demands obedience to an idea that causes the resignation of powerful enemies who directly threaten that power. Why?

In 2015, the then popular Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is very close to having Brussels over a barrel. ClubMed bonds are spiking all over the place, and his media-savvy finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has presented a series of requests for debt forgiveness that leave most EU leaders impressed. Varoufakis himself is convinced he has a deal that Muscovichi and Hollande will buy into. But he arrives at the crunch meeting to be surprised by the presence of former Goldman Sachs sociopath Mario Draghi, head of the European Bank. Dismissively rude throughout the session, Draghi tells the Greek to fold or be crushed.

Varoufakis leaves the conference and rings Tsipras. They’re bluffing, he says. We can call their bluff. Tsipras rejects this blindingly obvious counsel. Why?

It seems to me quite clear that these power-lovers’ fear of other forces is greater than their love of power.

Theresa May doesn’t fear Boris Johnson, because she knows that, in the final analysis, he too bows to the forces of ultimate power. Equally, she knows that Jacob Rees-Mogg is also a member of the bourse financialisers.

But she – like Tsipras – fears the influence of the CIA, MI5, Texan and Saudi oil barons, the Pentagon, bourses and NATO. Via her experience at the Home Office and her husband in the markets, Theresa May understands precisely who runs the World. She won’t volte face on the SPA embezzlement, because that would give the wrong signal to the élites.


Viktor Orban of Hungary has been under similar pressure for several years. But he has stuck to his guns and given the polite FOAD response to the European Commission. And little by little, he has eased the malign George Soros influence out of his country. He has chosen to stick two fingers up to the Alt State élites of NATO, the Pentagon, global central banking, the financial markets, the energy power-brokers, the US State Department, Berlin migration lunacy and the ECB because first, he has more options than most; and second, he is less important than most.

By contrast, Greece is central to NATO North African strategy, and had the potential to embarrass US, German and French banks. And Great Britain is a vital ally in the fight to unite Europe against the developing Third Worlds of Russia, China and South America. The last thing the State-Pentagon-CIA-NATO axis wants is a threat to Dollar hegemony.

Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit at all. Brexit means play ball with the creators of the European Union, the financialisation of global capitalism and the Generals behind neocon US foreign policy….or else.

Brexit – as Kate Hoey so presciently pointed out in 2016 – is about The People versus The Establishment. It is about the Citizen versus Big State. It is about State accountability to the Electorate versus hidden control by speculators, diplomats, soldiers and ideologues. It is about the individual’s desire to be left alone by the snoopers, the tax collectors and the fanatics.

That’s why hegemonists based in Washington, Dallas, Tehran, Saudi Arabia, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, mosques, the socialist movements, the bourses and the neoliberal tendency legislators are all against it.

Theresa May isn’t following her instincts, she is doing as she’s told…..not what We The People want her to do.

Ultimately, Brexit about Big versus Small. And that’s why I continue to have this visual at The Slog’s home page:

If we lose this fight, then all is lost. And that amounts to far more than Brexit.