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Apps that help Muslims practice Islam in daily life


Time in today’s world has become the most precious item but everyone is short of it. Days pass in a flick of an eye, months and years seem to pass in a blazing speed. Everyone has become so busy in life that people don’t even have time for themselves and to practice religion. What does Islam say about this shortage of time & what can help Muslim practice Islam in such a daily routine, here we have some that could help Muslims.

4 Islamic lifestyle events in UK every British Muslim must participate

islamic events

Out of hectic routine life, everyone wants a little time to rejoice themselves. For expats however, it might not be too easy to find a lifestyle event of their culture. United Kingdom on the other hand has a reputation to host diverse cultures and so we find a lot of Islamic lifestyle events for Ummah living in the UK. Here we are talking about the top 4 of such Islamic lifestyle events that are a must have to participate for any British Muslim.