4 Islamic lifestyle events in UK every British Muslim must participate


islamic events
islamic events

Out of hectic routine life, everyone wants a little time to rejoice themselves. For expats however, it might not be too easy to find a lifestyle event of their culture. United Kingdom on the other hand has a reputation to host diverse cultures and so we find a lot of Islamic lifestyle events for Ummah living in the UK. Here we are talking about the top 4 of such Islamic lifestyle events that are a must have to participate for any British Muslim.

A lot of festivals are happening every month:

Although these are some of the most famous and enjoyable Islamic lifestyle events in UK, this is not it. There are a number of happening around the country.

Muslim Lifestyle expo:

The recently concluded Muslim lifestyle expo was a great success for another year. For 5th year in row, the lifestyle event was held for Muslims in October 2019 in Manchester as it happens in Oct every year. A staggering of more than 150 exhibitors were showcasing at the festival. The complete lifestyle event featured every bit of lifestyle for the British Muslims to enjoy their 2 days at the venue. Celebs and social media influencers such as Rukhsar of Brown Girl Problems & Comedian Atif Nawaz were also among the notables.

All in all MLE is a perfect lifestyle event for every Muslim living in United Kingdom to rejoice themselves and take a break from busy and hectic lifestyle.

 London Halal Food Festival:

London halal food festival is another treat for foodies living in the UK who also want to eat halal. Every year in August thousands of Halal foodies gather around to make this Muslim lifestyle event a success. The biggest gala of will come back to give your taste buds a refreshing rejoice in 2020. The event features a lot of enjoyable activities other than just offering fine eatries. To add a complete flare of a lifestyle event, London halal food festival includes shopping, kids zone and a number of competitions to make your participation memorable.

Halal food festival in Birmingham:

Just like the one in London, Ummah living in Birmingham is offered a break from routine life inform of British halal food festival. Offering a variety of activities to make the event enjoyable, the organizers bring a lot to the table for every attendee. From kids zone to Live Q&A’s with your favorite chef, participating in cooking & eating competitions is all one can do during the festival.

Every year the event comes back in July, are you ready to roll the next time it arrives? Check the link here and know everything about British Halal Food festival in Birmingham.

Muslim Shopping festival:

The exhibition takes places in Olympia London every year however, is definitely heard and participated by Muslims from around the country. The event is a constant joy for all Muslim shopping fanatics living in United Kingdom. The event invites modest brands, halal products and food from every corner of the country and what results in the end is a joyful event that is remembered for a long time.