The Ummah is burning

All across the Muslim world, Muslims are being oppressed - either by other Muslims, or by Non-Muslims.

Even in places like Turkey the hardcore ultra secularists are still just waiting to get their revenge on the religious people who currently have the power.

Palestine is always an easy cause and it has been going for a long time. The people need resolution.

But unlike before when the Arab street at least felt sympathetic, that seems to have changed. Instead of the leaders making atleast some statements in support of the Palestinians due to fear of the people, the people too often support their dictatorships against raising any voice.

Kashmir has been going on for even longer than Palestine and is currently past 100 days of curfew and lockdown. Despite being someone whose ancestors originate in (Pakistani controlled) Kashmir, I have been unable to write anything about it.

What is happening to the Uighur Muslims goes to a whole next level - they seem to be trying to eradicate Islam and Muslim values. If what is reported continues, in a generation the people wont have any mosques or even graveyards that will like them to their heritage. We have been silent and recent reports now suggest that the crackdown is spreading to other Muslim communities in China, like the Hui Muslims.

Burma hasnt been resolved, Syria and Yemen are a mess. Everyone is fanning the flames in Libya, only Turkey seems to be trying to help in Somalia.

The gulf countries are too busy making alliances against each other leading to more chaos and murder.

Comparatively, we in the west generally have it very easy, but there are issues such as the targeting of visibly Muslim women in France.