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Talking to your children about sexual abuse

PANTS rules for child safety

The horrific news about 7 year old Zainab, raped and murdered in Kasur, Pakistan, has created a public outcry across Pakistan and beyond.

I hope and pray the monster who did this gets what he deserves and Zainab and her family receive justice.

If there's one thing we can all do after this tragic incident is to talk to our children about sexual abuse and it's signs.

The idea of talking to your kid about sexual abuse probably seems worse than even talking to them about sex. But talking to them about sexual abuse is probably one of the most important discussions you will ever have with them.

Lets Talk Show 2017






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Issues and challenges facing the Muslim Community today with Zahid Maqbul and Nasim Ashraf


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The Revival Matrimonial Service


As Editor of The Revival Magazine over the last decade or so one issue that pops up more than any other is that of marriage. When a young Muslim in his mid 20's or early 30's wants to get married here he/she comes across many problems and obstcales. They don't wanna get married 'back home' or to their cousin and don't want to enter the dating scene- so what do they do?

Muslim matrimonial events or better known as 'halal' speed dating or even finding 'the one' online doesn't work for most and creates more problems.

So to avoid being forced in to marriage and marrying someone against their wishes what options do they have?

Mosques speak out against Grooming - about time!

Grooming of young girls is a crime against humanity and as Muslims, especially leaders of the community , should definitely speak out against it. As the Prophet mentioned when you see an evil you should stop it with your hands, speak out against it with your tongue or at least deny it in your heart as this is the weakest of Imaan. Especially when perperators seem to be some Muslims across the country- the Muslim community has been trying to hide this issue under the carpet.