The Revival Matrimonial Service



As Editor of The Revival Magazine over the last decade or so one issue that pops up more than any other is that of marriage. When a young Muslim in his mid 20's or early 30's wants to get married here he/she comes across many problems and obstcales. They don't wanna get married 'back home' or to their cousin and don't want to enter the dating scene- so what do they do?

Muslim matrimonial events or better known as 'halal' speed dating or even finding 'the one' online doesn't work for most and creates more problems.

So to avoid being forced in to marriage and marrying someone against their wishes what options do they have?

I'm thinking it's time through the platform of The Revival we offer a reliable and free service to help British Muslims to find a suitable and compatible marriage partner.

So if you or anyone you know is looking to get married then send an email to or send me a PM here. I can then forward you a form to gather all relevent information which will help us to find the suitable marriage partner. The Revival will gaurantee full confidentiality and work closely with reliable UK Scholars to make everything is done accordinging to the teachings of Islam and and within the laws of this country.

Your views and feedback on this project will be appreciated


Is that why every issue of the revival has an article on marriage?

Also how does this affect the existing forum and website?

How are you matching people? Based on?

How is it any different to all those matrimonial sights out there? What makes this any different/better?

Are there any safeguards?

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