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Muslim MPs double

The number of Muslim MPs has doubled to eight in the closest elections in decades and saw the first three Muslim women – all Labour - elected to the 650-member House of Commons.

In addition, the first Conservatives have gained their first two Muslim MPs but the possibility of adding a third were dashed after Zahid Iqbal failed in overturning Labour’s 3,000 majority in Bradford West, northern England.

Thursday’s elections were marked by a swing from Labour to the Conservatives and resulted in one of two Muslim ministers, Shahid Malik losing his parliamentary seat for Dewsbury in northern England by just over 1,500 votes.


It's good to see most of the country coming out and voting. What an election night- it looks like a Hung Parliament since the 70's! The only shock I suppose is Lib Dem's winning so few seats. The Best news of all and the power of voting is the demolition of the BNP nationwide. The country has definitely spoken! The other worthy news is a first ever Green Party MP and Muslim MP Shaid Malik losing his seat. So what now for the country and has it been a good night for the Muslim Community? What are your thoughts on the Election Results and how did you vote?

Vote or DIE!!!

A Message from The Revival Team: A reminder to ALL to VOTE today- if you haven't done so already! Voting is the best way to have your say and to make change regarding local and national issues that affect you!

Now if you have a BNP candidate in your constituency then it is CRIMINAL not to vote. Just vote for the party or candidate that you feel will serve your needs best.

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