Hajj packages booking facilities form the U.K

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. We are offering you the best deal of Hajj Package 2019. We know every Muslim who lived in the U.K want to fulfill their dreams. They want to perform Hajj now. Kaaba is the place of Allah and every person want to perform Hajj once in life. The persons who want to fulfill their desires just visit the Al-Hijaz Tours and book the 2019. That is compulsory for the Muslims to perform Hajj if he is able to perform Hajj physically and financially.  We are arranging the amazing tours for the pilgrims.  We have the best price for you it’s doesn’t matter from which city you belonged in the U.K. we are offering you different types of Hajj Package you can choose the best according to you.  We are offering you the nearest accommodations in this package. The healthy food and many other facilities also include in this package. The Muslim who lives in the U.K, they don’t need to go with other country agencies. Al-Hijaz Tours offering amazing and affordable packages for the citizens of the United Kingdom.    

 Hajj comes once at the end of the year according to the Islamic calendar. Pilgrims don’t want to face any worry and want to perform Hajj with full attention. Hajj basically purifies your soul and teaches the lesson of love for each other. Hajj is an opportunity for asking to Allah forgiveness of sins. Al-Hijaz Tours just tries the best to make your journey memorable. The Hajj must take place during the last month know as Zil Hajj. This is the last month of the Islamic Calendar. The rites of Hajj performed by the Pilgrim from 8th to 12th Zil Hajj.  Because the Islamic calendar based on the lunar year so Gregorian calendar dates change every year.

Almost 4 millions peoples gather in the Makah from all over the world for the pilgrimage.  That is the greatest gathering on the plants. Hajj must be accepted by the Allah Almighty if we perform Hajj with the Halah earning and with the truth hurt. A person performs Hajj just for the Allah Almighty and doesn’t want to show off. A person performs Hajj according to the Sunnah and sake of Allah he must be getting the blessing of Allah.

Hajj somehow the kind of Jihad for Allah Almighty and that is mention in the Quran. Muslims showing unity at that time through action and appearance. Muslims are wearing the same clothes performing the same action at the different locations during Hajj with humbleness and dignity.  . As a Muslim, we believe that many benefits come together. It includes compulsory and mustahabb sacrifices. These sacrifices in respect for the rituals that are described by Allah. We eat meat and gives to relatives and other poor peoples.  Allah likes this act of charity when all humanity is on the same level.