Labour with Jeremy Corbyn is the only choice we have in this election

Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow

Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow
Jeremy Corbyn at rally on 6 June 2017 - with Rainbow

Labour with Jeremy Corbyn is the only choice we have in this election. He has opposed wars in the Middle East, had lobbied for the Palestinians and even vowed to recognise Palestine immediately after he is elected.

Who else has promised us this? For those of you who do not believe in voting, how are you going to change the system if you don't play by the system. Other minorities have a greater say in the country than we do even though we are one of the biggest minorities in the U.K.

*Labour Manifesto Policies*

1.) £10 minimum wage.

2.) No increase in N.I. or Income Tax if earning less than £80k a year (those earning slightly above receiving a modest increase - 5% of the working populace).

3.) Scrapping tuition fees.

4.) Scrapping NHS car parking charges.

5.) Bringing the NHS back into public ownership.

6.) Reversing cuts to Corporation/Capital Gains Tax, which will recoup billions, basically by getting Amazon/Google/Media/Press Organizations/McD's etc to pay a bit extra tax (small businesses are protected through the N.I.B. - see No. 7 below).

7.) Creation of National Investment Bank (N.I.B.) to allow revenues to return to the economy.

8.) Nationalised Rail Network.

9.) Nationalised Energy Company using renewables as source.

10.) Increase funding for the conventional Armed Forces, and keeping Trident.

11.) 4 extra public Bank Holidays.

12.) Free school meals for all primary school kids - funded by slightly raised taxes from private schools.

13.) Protecting the triple-lock pensions.

14.) Renationalisation of the Royal Mail, and creation of Post Bank.

15.) Reversal of cuts to the disabled.

16.) Scrapping the Bedroom Tax.

17.) Scrapping Benefits Sanctions.

18.) Creation of a National Education Service - including access to Further and Higher Education, free at the point of use for all.

19.) Creation of a Tourism Dept. responsible for promoting and increasing growth in a lucrative industry that increases revenue.

20.) Tackling illegal and aggressive tax evasion/avoidance, fines to businesses using unethical practices or trading with unethical states, and prompter payments of fines to small businesses by the bigger ones.


The total cost to implement will be roughly £80/90bn. Just to put that into perspective, the Tories have spent over £700bn so far, and our national debt is now in the trillions. So if we can afford the past 7 years of them BORROWING ALL THAT AND FAILING ALL OF THEIR COMMITMENTS, then I reckon this is really pretty easy to afford if you ask me. And I'd be saying the same even if I was earning just over £80k! Truly!


  • Because I'm getting education and an improved workforce.
  • Because I'm getting better roads.
  • Because I'm getting better transport.
  • Because I'm getting a better health service.
  • Because I'm getting better investment opportunities.
  • Because I'm getting cleaner energy.
  • Because I'm getting extra Police on the streets to keep me safe.
  • Because my future kids will get free hot school meals.
  • Because I'll get FOUR EXTRA public Bank Holidays!
  • Because I know Pensions will be protected.
  • Because I know our National Security will be safer.
  • Because I know I won't have to worry about hospital parking charges if I ever have a partner giving birth.

But then again, it's also because I'm not an un-empathetic, self-centered, greedy individual - I want these things for everyone else too!

Am I wrong about you Tory voters who might be reading this?

If so, then why would you NOT vote for this? Why would you instead vote for a political party guilty of fraud and currently under several investigations by the U.N. for violations against disabled people? A party who kicked off this election and with no manifesto in sight? A party who blamed the E.U. for 'interfering with the election', even though the election didn't need to be called in the first place? An election they said they WOULDN'T call 'til 2020? A political party that thinks THEIR NEW POLICIES WILL BE ATTRACTIVE TO VOTERS? Policies like these for instance??

*Tory Policies*

1.) Scrap free school meals for infants.

2.) End Universal Winter Fuel Payments.

3.) End triple lock promise to pensioners.

4.) End promise not to raise VAT.

5.) End promise not to raise Income Tax.

6.) End promise not to raise National Insurance.

7.) Open up more grammar schools.

8.) Hold a vote on legalising fox-hunting.

9.) Continue with Rape Form for Benefits.

10.) Introduce a cap on energy prices, which the Tories say is a great idea or a joke, depending on what year it is...

Plus their ongoing policies to...

1.) Turn the NHS completely into a private enterprise.

2.) Further austerity measures to make the incredibly wealthy incredibly wealthier.

3.) Great Repeal Bill.

4.) Snoopers Charter.

5.) Further bombs destroying people in Afghanistan/Iraq/Syria/Yemen courtesy of our Saudi Warlords.

6.) Commit fraud against 27 countries of the E.U., leaving us with nobody on the planet wanting to trade with us afterwards (Hard Brexit).


Vote Labour and actually IMPROVE OUR country and OUR economy!

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