Sexual assault and "touching the hip"

Sexual assault and similar crimes have been in the headlines recently.

Since the Weinstein scandal broke out with huge allegations of assault, groping, rape and other crimes have been prominent news.

The scandal is expected to simply be the tip of the ice berg in the entertainment industries and since its publication many other events and scandals have been publicised – often with men in power abusing their power criminally either to humiliate or to take sexual advantage.

And now with people (mostly women – some try to make this into a feminism issue) reporting their stories it seems that Sexual assault and such behaviour is far more common in society than many let on. It has its irony too when people who talk about the empowerment of women through various projects/society were too afraid to previously talk about their own experiences in those same places.

The scandals are not limited to the entertainment industries and seem to pervade all of our societies everywhere.

There have been some revelations/accusations against religious figures, some of which are being actively investigated by Police, others that were not criminal in nature being found distasteful by the general public.

The same types of allegations were made against Trump last year which were ignored by many voters, including many women voters (where over 50% of voting white women are estimated to have voted for Trump), but this time for the moment atleast people are speaking out.

This time media is taking no prisoners right now and opening our eyes to what is happening. Except when the perpetrator is a white male in an Arab country. Then it seems to be strangely reported as “”. (UPDATE: Case as since )

Now Dubai may be special in its law enforcement department where you can easily find cases of injustice, but it is curious how the same would be reported if someone in the UK had reported inappropriate touching to the police. Would it be treated as groping/sexual assault or would be merely be “touching the hip” as is the universal term used in all reporting in all British media.

While the prosecution may or may not be over zealous, prosecution was based on a complaint by someone who felt he had been inappropriately groped.

Maybe the UK should toughen up its laws. I am certain I have read that only 5% of rape allegations lead to a conviction.