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Revival Digest - June 2015

Assalamu Alaikum

This email should reach readers in the middle of Ramadan. Inshallah all of our past fasts will be accepted and our future fasts made easy.

While in Ramadan, please take care that when you open your fast, you do not do it by spreading opression on others - Please make sure you do not fund the oppression of your Palestinian brethren by buying Israeli Medjoul dates.

If you are a big fan of medjoul dates, SKT welfare is currently selling Syrian Medjoul dates in order to raise funds to feed teh Syrian dispossessed.

In this month, the "Let's Talk Show" has once again been broadcast on Radio Ramadan in Oldham and online accross the world. Recordings of the shows have been made available online and more will be added over time.

Revival Digest - May 2015

We are a few weeks away from Ramadan, a month where we look to increase our God consciousness.

A big part of this is understanding the reasons for Islam - not just the practice, but Islamic philosophy.

A top Muslim police officer that an aversion to alcohol was a sign of extremism. He may not have understood his faith, but he was far from the truth.

Revival Digest - April 2015

There are less than 7 days remaining until the next general elections in the UK.

Muslims have had a tradition of taking part in political events for the greater good of society since before the hijrah - the Muslims who kigrated to Abysinnia took part in local events and sided with the king when there were attempts to remove him from power.

As muslims we must stand on the side of truth and justice - this means we shouldnt just vote for an individual because he may be from our ethnicity or even claim to be Muslim.

The Revival Digest - February 2015

Deah, Yusur and Razan - three young Muslims killed in America

February was the month when crimes against Muslims hit the media spotlight - or rather the lack of media spotlight when Muslims are victims hit the media spotlight.

Three young Muslims were murdered in America and due to the initial lack of media spotlight the message got taken up in social media. It is still denied that the victims were targetted because they were Muslims, but because "there was a parking dispute".

Unfortunately there is a media narrative when the perpetrator is white, a "reason" must be provided for the lone act, while if the perpetrator is non-white, the ethnic or social grouping must be mentioned.

The Revival Digest - January 2015

Paris Charlie Hebdo Killings

In January Muslims and Islam were once again thrown into negative spotlight by events in Paris which once again portrayed Muslims as uncivilised killers.

However even during this media spotlight, just like all previous times, some people researched Islam, read about our Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and his life and saw beauty and truth. Even during this period of negative portrayal of Islam, people converted to Islam.

The Revival Digest - December 2014

December has seen the website revitalised with many changes fixing longstanding problems. Plans are afoot to revitalise the platform with new regular content and articles to cover all manner of subjects that will hopefully interest the Muslim community.

Taking Part

if you feel passionate about a subject, or feel that some matter needs to be highlighted, feel free to use The Revival as a platform for your voice. you do not need to subscribe to any ideology, or group, you simply can create an account and start posting content on the subjects of your passions.