The Revival Digest - December 2014

December has seen the website revitalised with many changes fixing longstanding problems. Plans are afoot to revitalise the platform with new regular content and articles to cover all manner of subjects that will hopefully interest the Muslim community.

Taking Part

if you feel passionate about a subject, or feel that some matter needs to be highlighted, feel free to use The Revival as a platform for your voice. you do not need to subscribe to any ideology, or group, you simply can create an account and start posting content on the subjects of your passions.

Featured Article:

How should Muslims respond when Islam is insulted? - From Issue 20 of The Revival Magazine, a compilation of views from various Muslims.

New Blog posts in December:

7 December 2014 - Moved to new Servers - Completed (basic update on revitalising The Revival website)

7 December 2014 - How should the UK deal with returnees from Syria?

11 December 2014 - Runa Khan, Mother of 6 given 5 year sentence for promoting terrorism... Justice?

16 December 2014 - The Revival website happenings - New colour scheme, twitter sign in (further update on revitalising The Revival website to prepare it to meet the needs of a community platform)

20 December 2014 - Reports that ISIS has executed 100 foreign fighters who tried to leave its ranks

22 December 2014 - Debilitating desires

23 December 2014 - Jewish students’ organisation sues French magazine for inciting anti-Muslim hatred

25 December 2014 - Boohoo - Santa never stopped at my house as a child.

30 December 2014 - Mawlid Mubarak (Rabbi-ul Awwal 1436)

New Forum Topics:

22 December 2014 - Extremism

23 December 2014 - Noorani Qaida – App to Learn Tajweed (iOS and Android)

24 December 2014 - Sahih Bukhari - A Complete Hadith Collection (App link)

30 December 2014 - Holy Quran App “Quran Now” for Android is Available on Play Store

30 December 2014 - Hamza Yusuf & Abdal Hakim Murad on Mawlid

New Polls:

11 December 2014 - Do you think mothers should be allowed to breastfeed in public?

16 December 2014 - Who do you think should be crowned winner of The Apprentice 2014?


Members are free to post details of all upcoming events on the currently sparsely filled Events Calendar located at

Future Digests may include upcoming details of events.


I received this! I really liked how it looked on my phone. Thanks for the months updates!