Moved to new servers - Completed

This site has moved to new servers.

There were a few problems on the day - for over 24 hours there wre login problems and then about an hour ago I managed to corrupt the database meaning that any posts in the 24 hours prior to this have been lost.

A few posts may be missing that were posted in the time between the previous backup and the database corruption.

Other than that I consider this to be a successful update to the server - it is way way way faster, and costs less.

On the bright side, I have set up automatic updates, so if anything happens we dont have to lose data all the way back to my last manual update (which this time was days, but in the past has been months).

More importantly, after months of a site so slow that even if any use could be made of it, none would be due to the painfully slow loading of content, this is no longer an issue

We should now be faster and that will allow more use to be made of the resources on this site.

We can start moving forward again.

Other members will make future plans known. (all i can say is that soon there may or may not be a call to assemble a crack team of blog posting ninjas out there.)