Noorani Qaida – App to Learn Tajweed (iOS and Android)

In life after death, when the rewards will be weighted and people will less weight will have to go to the hell and those with high weight will go to Jinnah, people will desperately look for rewards but no one even your close relatives will not grant you a single reward. So, it is the time to read and recite the holy Quran and earn more and more rewards which will lead to high position in terms of Jinnah / heaven. There are some kinds of rewards that are continuous e.g. if you help your kid learn how to read or recite Quran. You will get of rewards even after your death for your this act of kindness. So, your kid will be able to learn Quran with the help of Noorani Qaida app, this app may be downloaded from the links below;

There are some extra ordinary features like;

Extra Ordinary Design – The extra ordinary nice design and pics will make the process of learning very interesting. We have taken care of making it interesting with the help of fit color combinations.

Chapters are progressive – There are 17 chapters in it and they have been designed in such a way that a prior good user of Quran can skip some of the very basic initial lessons which includes the Arabic alphabets.

Sounds Training:- It is important to learn how the correct pronunciation is done. So, the sounds training is there in the application.

Complete Learning Course:- If the kid or you are able to complete all of the included chapters, you should have got the ability to read any ayath of any surah you want.