Holy Quran App “Quran Now” for Android is Available on Play Store

Quran Now is a stunning Quran application that improves your presence with the endowment of examining and listening to the Quran is the holiest book of Islam and Millions of Muslims comprehends it step by step. Millions knows it by heart. There are various Quran Apps in Android store that you can download and usage to scrutinize and listenthe Holy Quran In different dialects like Arabic, English and Urdu.listen the Holy Quran in Mp3 Format in this incredible application the audio quality is incredible.Some features of Quran Now application are mention below

Each one of the 114 Surahs of Quran are in one order
Interpretation of Quran in English for perception the essentialness of the Al-Quran.
Transliteration of Quran to help you get hold of the address of words
Recitation of the Surahs of Quran can be downloaded freely or you can download the full Quran audio in mp3.
Go to option is acquaint in Quran now application with find a specific ayah.
Bookmark the ayah to begin recitation from where you got out.
Settings zone consolidates
Change the content measurement as you like.
Select to show translation and transliteration. Set notice from application to remind you about the time for Quran