Revival Digest - August 2015

We are approaching the end of the sleepy summer and the world is gearing up for the new academic year. Students, young and old are awakening from the summer slumber.

So is The Revival

While reading the biography by Malcolm X recently,  the importance of spreading the truth cannot be ignored. He mentioned how if Muslims had preached Islam in America, people would not have falled for the lies of the Nation of Islam. He also considered when he found true Islam that with a bit of organisation, da'wah, how many millions more could be brought to Islam.

Is is to our detriment that he was at the end of his life when he went to Hajj and saw true Islam. It is also to our shame that it ahs been 50 years and we still do not have our house in order.

The Revival is a small part of the bigger picture in Da'wah. It is predominantly aimed at existing Muslims, to educate us, to inform us all, but it is also useful for new Muslims, returning Muslims and even non Muslims.

It is our duty to educate our own community, to stop them falling into the traps f both material consumerism and also extremism. It is only this month that a 16 year old has pleaded guilty to terror charges, linked to another 14 year old. We need to educate our communities to stop such things happening.

As part of this whole effort, we are trying to establish a new team to focus on online content. If you feel passionate about a subject, if you want to write and research different areas from news about the Rohingya to Kashmir and the middle east, or Islamic History, or ever provide "how to's" for simple Islamic matters which may benefit us, do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are not confident about your writing skills, fear not, you will have help. If you feel you can volunteer in another way, helping manage content, prepareartwork, help with design, welcome!


Emmanuel Adebayor - 13 Reasons Why I Am A Muslim

The famous footballer Emmanuel Adebayor has recently converted to Islam. In an article originaly published in The Herald, Emmanuel Adebayor gives some reasons for why he converted to Islam and why he believed that Muslims are truer followers of Jesus (pbuh).


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