Tower Hamlets schoolgirl removed from family over "radicalisation"

There have been a few recently about a judge's ruling about the radicalisation of a from Tower Hamlets by her family.

The articles suggest that material that she was exposed to included beheadings, and she had already attempted to go to Syria to become.

The Judge found the parents to be decietful and considered the radicalisation to be as bad as "sex abuse".

The articles suggest that this is not a lone case and that there are a number of cases where parents have taken part in radicalising their children to such an extent.

If this is happening, it is quite worrying as I wouldnt have expected the parents to be involved in such things.

I also question the media narrative as we until this case we have also been exposed to situations where toddlers have been questioned and nurseries are looking for "signs of extremism" by probing questions on views on things like pork, alcohol, relationships outside marriage.

I also wonder whether this is overreach by the court systems by way of overreaching anti terrorism legislation - removing a 16 year old from her family cant have many benefits and she is old enough to think and consider the separation as punishment for holding different views, reinforcing her views and breeding resentment.