Revival Digest - May 2015

We are a few weeks away from Ramadan, a month where we look to increase our God consciousness.

A big part of this is understanding the reasons for Islam - not just the practice, but Islamic philosophy.

A top Muslim police officer that an aversion to alcohol was a sign of extremism. He may not have understood his faith, but he was far from the truth.

He may have made such statements to score points with people, but it also suggests a mentality that doesn't comprehend the reason for Islamic principles. Islam is not an anachronistic religion. It can be argued that it was never even conservative - in fact historically it has had the opposite effect - its adherents have been rather revolutionary.

We must all understand that wedo not avoid things like alcohol for the sake of avoiding alcohol. Rules are not present merely for the purpose of being present.

In the Qur'an we are told that alcohol has its benefits, but its disadvantages and harms to society are far greater.

The prohibition of alcohol is in our interests. This isnt understood only by muslims but by others too, though not too many will acknowledge it. Nurses and doctors who work in accident and emergency units can attest to the damages of alcohol.

Alcohol does not damage just the individual, but the family and the whole community. A dulled community that is pre-occupied with other things will not be revolutionary and will not stand against wrong or stand for justice.

A Muslim is one who benefits those around him and things like alcohol - and gambling - do not allow this to happen. they cause harm

We live in a society where some prohibitions - such as interest - are unavoidable, but even here we should understand the harms that these things cause and understand that Islamic rules and prohibitions are not archaic but for our own good.

This ramadan if we can spend some time increasing our knowledge of our religion, that time will be well spent.


Mahdi Hasan -

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