Remember when Tariq Jahan single handedly saved Birmingham from race riots after the murder of his son?


Haroon Jahan, Shahzad Ali and Abdul Musavir were murdered in the birmingham riots of 2011. There was every chance that in the climate of heightened tensions there would be race riots ripping apart Birmingham.

However, Tariq Jahan, the father of Haroon Jahan did not want this to happen.

Hours after his son’s death Tariq pleaded with angry crowds; “I’ve lost my son” he said “step forward if you want to lose yours. Otherwise, go home.”

The mood was transformed, the crowds dispersed and Tariq became a national hero. With race riots avoided, it was now the turn to catch the murderers and for justice to be served.

Except that did not happen.

No one has been convicted of the murders yet - the trial against those charged  with the murders collapsed with the judge stating he had been lied to by the police. An investigation last year found problems in the police investigation - which were blamed on a single officer who has since retired.

It is unlikely anyone will be convicted of these murders.

There have been calls for a public enquiry into the events leading up to and including the collapse of the trial, so far these have gone unheeded.

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