Why I have voted for Labour

Tory Corruption

How the corruption works: the Royal Mail example
How the corruption works: the Royal Mail example

I have now had a chance to vote in 4 general elections (2001, 2005, 2010 and now in 2014).

My constituency is a labour safeseat where my vote mostly likely will not matter.

Yet (as far as I can recall) this is the first time I am voting in a General election.

One of the reasons is that watching the polling, it seems that the conservative campaign based on fears and hate is starting to vote with the Conservatives carrying a slight lead over labour which may increase and give us 5 more years of a government that will marginalise and alienate people like me.

I have voted Labour - something I could not bring myself to do earlier, mainly because of their betrayals including the Iraq War.

However despite those betrayals and the massive loss of life, I have not felt as disillusioned and despondent to the UK as I have over the past 5 years.

I feel that not only do the Conservatives not represent me, thay have actively fought a public relations campaign to marginalise and scapegoat my community.

There were no illusions when the new government was formed in 2010 that it was not my first choice of government (and I felt that the Liberal Democrats, having campaigned as being left of labour had fooled and betreyed the voting public).

However what has happened since is that David Cameron and his team have gone out of their way to divide and conquer.

What is being done with Scotland now (how dare they, after voting to remain part of the UK also demand being part of the political establishment!) has been done before to different communities, from foreigners to the disabled to the unemployed to the poor and to the Muslim community.

David Cameron and the Conservative Party does not represent me.

Foreign Policy

I was talking to a Conservative candidate a few months ago and he told me he had been inside the same room as David Cameron when Israel's assault on Gaza was ongoing. When he raised the issue of Gaza, it seemed like David Cameron was caught like a rabbit in headlights, shocked at someone who could Sympathise with those in Gaza.

In 2011 when the UK and France attacked Libya, I naively thought that maybe they could accidentally do some good. I see that I was wrong in that and the Conservative government had no intention to actually help the people, as can be seen by the outcome now.

In relation to immigrants coming from Libya to Europe, the conservative party defunded search and rescue - they thought the idea that saving drowning immigrants who were fleeing for their lives was too much of a motivation.

You will hear that there are too many immigrants that have had to flee war etc to come to Europe, but this is not true. Much much poorer countries have coped with much higher levels of refugees, from countries in Africa, to Pakistan holding a multi million refugee population over decades to over two million refugees fleeing to Turkey over the past few years.

I cannot shirk the rich pleading poverty to shirk their responsibilities.

Those are all international issues.

Tory Corruption

Then there is the corruption. Privatisation of public assets to benefit those that fund teh Conservative party. This is daylight robbery - these companies belong to the people and much money ahs been invested for years, only for them to be given to their chronies on the cheap.

The privatisation of the Post Office was done at public expense and the East Coast Mainline was rushed back into privatisation so that it would be privatised before these elections where the Conservatives may lose power.

It is the poor subsidising the rich.

Standing up against the weak, Cowering infront of the powerful

The tory party did its hardest to support the Rupert Murdoch empire. It not only cosied up to the rich and powerful, many people from the Murdoch world such as Andy Coulson and Rebecca Brookes ended up even working for the Tory government.

Attempts were made to rubberstamp the change of ownership in bskyb (which to be fair even if not completely owned, is still controlled and a part of the Murdoch empire) which only failed after public outcry.

After the newspapers were exposed of massive illegality, wiretapping etc, an enquiry was set up which lead to... nothing. It was used to take the heat out of the allegations and allow people to express their anger without doing anything about it.

They tried the same with historical child abuse, but so far have been unable to get away with it - the head of the enquiry has been changed multiple times now due to individuals being chosen who had conflicts of interest.

Over the past few years while most people's lifestyles have either remained stagnant or they have become poorer, the super rich have doubled their wealth.

Divide & Conquer: War against Muslims

In the UK, Teresa May targeting Muslims, trying to repeal the human rights act, passing laws mostly targeting Muslims and also allowing for citizenship to be revoked.

Since when has it become the definition that for an act to be terrorism it must be carried out by Muslims?

In the past 5 years crimes by Muslims have been given great attention, but crimes against Muslims have been washed over.

The Conservatives have failed to engage with Muslim communities and organisations instead dictating how they expect Muslim to behave.

They have worked with one organsation - the Quilliam Foundation which are the useful idiots, who want the Muslim community to reform to their agenda. Anyone who disagrees is considered an extremist.

There is a reason why so many people from the UK have gone to join ISIS - more people than countries neighbouring Syria. A part of it is that they have been alienated by the current government and we are all playing the price for the double whammy of stigma being attached to our community.

Michael Gove also targeted the Muslim community with his political "Trojan Horse" investigations which found nothing but still stigmatised large sections of the Muslim community.

Failing schools that had changed to represent their communities and subsequently found to provide excellent education were suddenly in the spotlight accused of being hotbeds of extremism.

The reality was nothing of the sort. It was telling that Michael Gove had written a book before entering government which had a chapter on a trojan horse which matched what was "combatted" here. The whole thing had been set up and the Muslim community as a whole has suffered as a reason.

The conservative party does not represent me and I feel it has targeted the weak. I also feel that it has waged war against my community, therefore I voted against it.

I urge everyone who has read this far to do that same.