Why I want 'Ed Miliband to be the next prime minister


Ed Miliband at the Leaders Debate
Ed Miliband at the Leaders Debate

I do not want David Cameron to remain Prime Minister. I have pointed out the same in an earlier blog post w.

However that was not a ringing endorsement of 'Ed Miliband.

Some people may be put off voting Labour because the leader has Jewish ancestry, and not only that, he is a self confessed zionist.

To many, such as a Conservative council elections candidate in Derby, that will be enough to write him off as no good.

I still want him to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

I believe that he wants a fairer system in the UK and is less likely to attack the weak, poor, disabled and ethnic minorities just to make some political gain.

I think he is a better option than his vanquished brother, who, maybe out of principle, maybe something else, could not put himself in a position to apologise for the Iraq war and subsequent massacred.

He may not look pretty, he may not be a teflon coated salesman, but that is exactly what I like. More people should be tired of being sold to be a sleazy salesman.

I think Labour have the better options. If anything, I would prefer if they were more radical.

Labout has lost the public confidence on the economy and they have found the financial crash hard to live down, but the truth is if the Conservatives were in power at the time, chances are that the consequences would have been worse - they wanted even les regulation and George Osorne is incompetent for his job.

Last election, Labour campaigned to reducing the deficit at a slower rate than the tories, saying that cutting too fast will backfire, creating more problems. The conservative plan of cutting faster did not work - they have reduced the deficit by only half instead of completely, and they have done this by  creating more public debt in 5 years than the history of the UK.

'Ed Miliband is untested in foreign policy, but so is every other politician until they are put in a position to be tested. I suspect his inner sense of fairness will help him on the international scene. 'Ed Miliband says that he has learnt the lessons from past military misadventures and I hope that he truly has learnt the lessons.

On the issue of Israel I expect 'Ed Miliband to be better than the David Cameron.

'Ed Miliband's background and family history and self-confessed zionism would help insulate him against attacks of being antisemitic when he doesn't bend to the will of Netanyahu and wants more fairness in dealing with Israel and Palestine.

It would also help that his mother would be present at Pro Palestinian rallies the next time Israel decides to kill a few more Palestinians for political gain.

I don't do ringing endorsements, but I think 'Ed is the right man to be the next PM.

I do not want all the Labour MP's to get in - I want the stench of the Blairites to be gone. Many will continue in the party but atleast some will be gone - mostly through retiring. The SNP might help with removing Jim Murphy too.

For those still reading, please note that in the polls it is suggested that the Conservatives are slightly ahead and that older voters, who are more likely to vote Conservatives are more likely to actually turn up to vote.

If you don't want David Cameron to be Prime Minister after this election, you have to step up and vote.


The early exit polls put the Conservatives within an inch of an outright majority.

Bad news if correct.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.