The Revival Digest - March 2015

Another month has passed, one in which the Saudi's, probably afraid of a deal between America and Iran decided to bomb the impoverished Yemen and a Muslim organisation in the UK "Declared Jihad on ISIS and other extremist groups".

While the and in places such as the Independent may sound a lot like marketing and not everyone will agree with how they are framed, the bigger message rings true and has for a while.

Muslims have for a long time struggled extremists and extremist groups. The biggest victims of extremism are Muslims, however in the psyche created in the western society, we are never shown as victims of circumstance or having suffered from it, but as orchestrators, less than human.

In such an environment while headlines that "Muslim organisation has declared Jihad on ISIS and Extremism" may sound a little sacharine, the message isnt just for Muslims to listen to but also for a wider audience, to show that we are not defined by the extreme minority that achieve notoriety.

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There are many signs over whether we are losing the duel with the devil that may be easily ignored, or readily apparent. This list has no real order and is more something to think about.

For a short period of time some flaws and issues may seem normal and not destructive but eventually if left unchecked the only people we hurt are ourselves and those around us...


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19 April 2015:


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