Centenary marking the end of the battle of Canakkale/Gallipoli

One of the bloodiest battles in modern history came to an end a century ago, with casualties and losses numbering half a million people. The following explanation of the battle is taken from Yursil Blog:

Sheykh Effendi taught us a few weeks ago about the War of Canakkale, 1915 , many others continued to ask and learn about this great battle that most Muslims are sorely unaware of.

This was one of the last battles under the Khalifate of Islam, and created over 253,000 martyrs. Western orientalist histories emphasize Attaturks involvement, but it is clear that at this time he was just one field commander. The martyrs of this war were sincere Muslims, who gave their life knowing that this entry into Muslim territory would be the end of Islam as a nation.

It seems that Islam was able to win in the battlefield, but it is through disuniting subterfuge that we lost our Khalipha. Keep in mind that this is was a legitimate war, on the shores of the Muslim state. A war between states, with armies and with a Kalipha, not the atrocious ‘jihad’ that the terrorists of today promote.

The Sheykh said,

When the so-called Allied Forces came together, they were coming from every side to the Empire, trying to bring an end to the Empire and they made all their calculations and all their planning. Bringing an end to the Empire means bringing end to Islam.

That was their aim. The Khalifah and the soldiers of the Khalifah surprised them very strongly. When they made all those planning and they reached all the way to Yemen, Arabia, Egypt, and from every angle to the lands of Islam with the help of so many traitors inside Islam, they were aiming for the Capital of Islam, Istanbul. Once they enter there they will declare and they will finish it. That was their aim. They collected soldiers all the way from Australia to Canada, from one end of the world to the other end.

They came and they surrounded the whole land. The Ottoman soldiers were fighting in 28 frontlines. The world has never seen such a thing like that before. The world has been at war but it has never seen a war like that where all nations came together and squeezed only one nation into the corner and they were ready to hit the last hammer and bring an end to Islam.

They came with over 525,000 soldiers trying to pass through Canakkale, Gallipoli. That’s where the soldiers of Islam surprised them all, the last area for which they made all their calculations and said, “This is finished now. We came to the end. We will pass from here and Istanbul will be gone.”

“Other soldiers also attacked at that time and they took that enemy line. They went to that one and the captain asked if anybody had a piece of bread for this soldier who is ready to give out his life. That battalion didn’t have a piece of bread to eat for one week. One piece of bread appeared from the other side and it came to their hand. That one was laying down smiling and saying to the captain, “Oh captain, please save that piece of bread because I am already counting the minutes to go out from this life. Save that bread for another one of my brothers so that it may give energy to them to fight.”

It was not only the men fighting. There were also so many girls who died in that war. One Anzac soldier was saying, “I was watching in the frontline this young girl who was shooting so bravely and she was knocking down everything that she was hitting.

She was sitting from morning to evening and everyone was trying to aim her. But they were not able to finish her and we thought that there was a big battalion in that area because so many bullets were coming from everywhere.

By the evening one bullet reached to her and she fell down. When she fell down we entered to that area and we only found her and another boy and we have counted sixty-three bullets in her body.” That kind of faith saved Islam.

So we must understand where we are and where they were. If we sit, think and understand deeply for ourselves then no depression, no problems and no worries can come to our way because we have a bigger worry then saying, “What did we do? What are we doing for the sake of Allah and for the sake of Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam)?”

We must understand this. We must think about this from time to time, we must think about them from time to time and we must read for their souls from time to time. If you do then you will receive visitations from them too.

Someway somehow they will be happy knowing that there are still people living on this earth who are trying to live for the sake of Allah and they are still continuing what they left.


The above Blog is a redoing of  an earlier Revival article 20 Oct 2010    http://www.therevival.co.uk/forum/general/7566  Both are worth a read, I shall put some links up for anyone to look at if interested.

This was one of the last battles under the Khalifate of Islam, and created over 253,000 martyrs. Western orientalist histories emphasize Attaturks involvement, but it is clear that at this time he was just one field commander. The martyrs of this war were sincere Muslims, who gave their life knowing that this entry into Muslim territory would be the end of Islam as a nation.

 My two points are, 1] why must this be seeen as a battle between the West [Christianity] and Islam. For the west [mainly UK, France] and the Germany. It was mainly about who would benefit most by Industrial expansion, World Trade and for the Germans to gain Colonies similar to France and the UK. Religion had little to do with it. 2] I have relatives that fought at Gallipoli, to say,or imply that they were fighting a religious war. I find offensive to their memories.

If you want to look for the real reason that Turkey was invaded, it was that they joined the wrong side. Within the Ottaman Government there were people who wished to side with France and the UK and also people who wished to side with Germany. [Germany at the time was helping the Tuks to modernise and were building railroads]

Indeed if you want to go back to 1853 [The Crimean War] you will find that France and the UK were fighting alongside the Ottomans against the Russian [Czar's] expansion. Neither wanted the Russian Navy to have easy access to the Mediterranean. By fighting alongside the Ottomans, this would deny access for the Russians.

Again, Politics, Power and Commerce are the main reason for these actions. Religion [Islam or Christianity] had no bearing whatsoever. It still does in most of the West's aims even to this day.

As i have commented before. Yes the west has killed people, and innocent people at that, but not in the name of Religion. Their three aims are purely Politics, Power and Commerce.

If you take a moment and think who benefits from these conflicts? Not the common man [or woman] ?

Now i will leave you all some links to look at.

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Thankyou for the links.

Considering the centenary, I reposted the contents.

British/western Muslims are in a unique position where we can sort of see from "both sides" of the conflict and I think it is important to know of such historical events.

It is all too often that WW1 is remembered only for the western front.

In the end there was even good in the destruction of the ottoman empire - it allowed cultures to mix and pass through previous boundaries that had over centuries almost become permanent.

Im watching that last video. thanks for the link.

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