Israeli Arab citizens? Behead them! says Avigdor Lieberman

Arab Israeli politician beheading threat

Threat to behead Arab israeli politician Hanin Zoabi following Lieberman's call to behead arabs
Threat to behead Arab israeli politician Hanin Zoabi following Lieberman's call to behead arabs

Those are the current foreign Minister of Israel.

He wants to cleanse the nation of those who did not pack up and leave in 1948, 1967 or since.

Now if this guy had a name that sounded like Ahmedinejad, he wouldnt even have to have said what he did to have it plastered over the world's newspapers and news sites.

But since it doesn't, even though he did ask for the murder of Israeli arabs "opposed to us", it wont be reported, especially in the occupied territories of BBC News.

Online, this threat has been turned into an ISIS style threat to behead Israeli arab politician Hanin Zoabi



It is election time again, What a Politician says to get elected and what he says/does when elected is two different things.

As for the BBC, there are lots of things they don't report on?



The BBC may not report on a lot of things, but when it comes to Israel/palestine, it has a definite and obvious bias.

The reporting is deliberately sympathetic to the Israeli "cause".

Any actions carried out by the Israelis, if reported, are from the point of view of the Israeli spokespeople and carried out as retaliation.

Any actions carried out by Palestinians are also reported from the point of view of the Israeli spokespeople and rarely are they seen as reactionary or retaliation but initiation of violence.

The BBC's reporting of the massacre over the summer was disgusting and I want the BBC to become a private corporation so that I no longer have to fund its lies.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

Who is to blame? Hamas or Israel? When will it stop?

Israel i admit is not squeaky clean,but then neither is Hamas. You have two scenes, 1] Israel attacks Gaza and Hamas retaliates. Or you have the other scene, Hamas attacks Israel and Israel retaliates. In either case innocents get killed and injured. Bitterness and hatred continue and the killing goes on.

Gaza is probably the biggest open prison in the world, but it as three jailors. 1] Israel. 2] Egypt and 3] Hamas itself.

Over the years millions in aid as been pumped into Gaza, from both the UN and Arab Countries. What as been done with this aid? Yes there as been the building of Hospitals, Schools and Housing. Yes these have been destroyed  [by Israel] and rebuilt. Why were they destroyed, Oh. yes those nasty Israelis. Why is building costs so expensive. Yes again blame Israel, for controling the Gaza border and not allowing the building of a decent port. Then again, Egypt controls Gaza's border with them in a similar manner to Israel. Why is that then?.

Hamas, works on the 3P's principles [which is common throughout the world] They use P Politics,    P Power, and P Profits.

Politics is the use of persuasion to get what you want. If that fails you resort to Power to force people to do want you want. The aim of all this is to gain Profits, for the people who control the country. Hamas hierachy have done well over the years.

The same applies to Israel of course, but at least Israel as differant political parties. Up to a point the population can protest, or even change the government. Were is the opposition to hamas in Gaza? If someone mentions the obvious, we don't launch rocket attacks on Israel. or send Hamas soldiers into Israel via tunnels. They might leave us alone, and in time, Gaza and Israel might just peacefully co-exist. [it might be a dream, but sometimes dreams come true.]

Simple question, if you keep trying to hurt someone who is stronger then you, how long before you try a differant tack?

Imagine if Hamas had had the courage to not provoke Israel by attacking them. Israel would not have had the excuse to attack Gaza. If mutual trust, instead of mutual fear, became the norm. Then all the money spent on rebuilding damaged property, could have been used to, maybe build a decent port. All the death, injuries over the years would have been avoided.

The mentality of an eye for an eye, death for death all you end up with is blind dead people. It could be done. Jordon was on the Arab side in 1967, Yes they lost territory, but at least they appear to co-exist in peace with Israel.

Unfortunately it appears that Hamas cannot agree with what should be its closest ally [Fatah] so how can they reach an understanding with Israel?