Surah Rahman By Shaikh Sudais App (Android and iOS)


Surah Rahman
Surah Rahman App

Out of the total 114 Surahs of the holy Quran, Surah Rahman is among the most interesting Surahs of the holy Quran. In this Surah, Allah tells us about his blessings on both (Insan and Jinn). This Surah has many benefits. Today, life has become very busy, so, Quran Reading Academy has come up with an idea of having Surah Rahman App. Now, you may have the blessings of the holy Quran while keeping it in your cell phone.


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The Surah Rahman App has the following benefits;

It’s FREE of Cost - Feel FREE to use and download this application. There is no cost for the download or use of this beautifully designed application.


Customization in App – You may customize the app with respect to different available options. You can change not only the text,t but also the color of the app.


Sharing is Caring – The application sharing is allowed with anyone else you want. You may not only share it with the help of social networking sites like FB and Twitter, but also through the direct methods like messaging platforms.


Help is Available on Everything – If you want to have the blessings and benefits of Surah Ar Rahman, then go no where else than a Benefits section of this application.