Revival Digest - April 2015

There are less than 7 days remaining until the next general elections in the UK.

Muslims have had a tradition of taking part in political events for the greater good of society since before the hijrah - the Muslims who kigrated to Abysinnia took part in local events and sided with the king when there were attempts to remove him from power.

As muslims we must stand on the side of truth and justice - this means we shouldnt just vote for an individual because he may be from our ethnicity or even claim to be Muslim.

We must vote on what is the greater good. There will be much capaigning by certain individuals who will claim to best represent our interests, but it is important to choose people that have ethics and integrity. Just voting for an individual because of ethnicity can lead to cases where people like the Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, a self confessed zionist who would choose to live in Israel, can be elected to positions of power.

Other individuals are standing for power that either do not represent the Muslim community (Majid Nawaaz of QUilliam Foundation for the Lib Dems) or are outright hostile to Islam and Muslims. Have no doubt, political war has been waged against Muslims by the current government for political purposes.

We must take action and use our power to vote in ways that is for the greater good.

For many of us, we will be from "safe seats" where our votes are unlikely to matter much. But for some we will be in what are considered Marginal seats. Here turnout is key, and which ever candidate can mobilise the greater vote will win,

Find out if you live in a marginal seat area and if you do, make sure that your vote is effective.

Remember, if you dont make your voice heard, your opponents will speak for you. That will damage the whole Muslim community.


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