Quran Translation

Now read/recite the Quran with great comfort and ease. Download and install this app to have the entire Holy Quran in the palm of your hands. This app contains all the 114 surahs of the Holy Quran in their correct order along with their city of revelation. It sports a variety of great features and they’re listed below.




Read the Quran with Urdu as the default translation language with the option to change it into many other languages including different versions of English translation.

Daily Notification

Enable/Disable daily notifications for reading certain surahs of the Quran. These surahs are sometimes important to that specific day for example, Surah Kahf for jummah.

Search for a surah and save scrolling time

Search for a surah directly from the search bar which is made available upon swiping to the right of the screen. You can enter the name or part of the surah in that search bar.


Bookmarks can be enabled by tapping and holding an ayah. You then get the option of sharing that ayah with your friends as well. Your saved bookmarks can then be accessed from the settings page by swiping to the left.

Audio and transliteration

Enable the transliteration for help in correcting your Quranic pronunciation. You can also listen to the audio recitation from a renowned recitor to correct your own and also as a good habit.

Ayah jumping

Jump to an ayah by tapping the ‘Go to’ button when you’re reading a surah. This way, you can enter an ayah number and save scrolling time by jumping directly to it.

Sajdah points and stop/pause signs

View the places of sajdahs points across the Quran as a single list which tells their surah name and verse number where they’re located. You can also view and learn the use of stop and pause signs which are a part of the helpful diacritic marks.

Change font size and style

Change the writing style and font size according to your convenience. There are three writing styles available.


Benefit from the great features of this app developed by QuranReadingTM by installing this app on your smartphone and being able to have the Quran with you and handy at all times.