Thousands dead in Nepal after massive earthquake

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Nearly 3,800 people have been killed and more than 100,000 left homeless by the earthquake in Nepal, officials have said as the search intensified for those in remote villages that are out of the reach of rescue teams.

By all accounts the earthquake was huge (magnitude 7.8) and Nepal is a severely impoverished country.

I remember watching a documentary about the last railyway in Nepal on BBC 4 a few weeks ago and was impressed by the character of the people - eventhough impoverished, they were happy and often grateful for what they have in a way that is hard for us that live richer lives in the west to understand.

There was this woman on the train singing a song that went something like she wanted a pair of clothes, but God gave her two and how blessed she was.

There has been much fatigue to humanitarian catastrophes - there are so many at the moment from man made to natural disasters, but these people should not be forgotten and they will need much help.