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Indonesia Earthquake and tsunami

It has now been a few weeks since the earthquake and following tsunami which struck Indonesia.

There are many places with appeals for Indonesia victims and survivors - many will need long term support to be able to rebuild, others may never recover.

If you can afford it, any little that you can give will help.

You will have your favourite method of donating, but for those that don't I will provide one link:

Thousands dead in Nepal after massive earthquake

From :

Nearly 3,800 people have been killed and more than 100,000 left homeless by the earthquake in Nepal, officials have said as the search intensified for those in remote villages that are out of the reach of rescue teams.

By all accounts the earthquake was huge (magnitude 7.8) and Nepal is a severely impoverished country.

Kashmir Earthquake: A living Hell

Haroon Rashid from Bolton travelled to Kashmir to help distribute the money and aid that was collected from the UK. Here, he gives his personal account.

We returned exhausted from our mission of transporting aid to the earthquake stricken region of Kashmir on behalf of the people of Bolton. Mentally and physically drained from the reality of our experience, nothing could have prepared us for what we witnessed.