Ed Miliband answers question on too many Muslims being killed throughout the world

At an event in Dewsbury today Ed Miliband was asked about the number of Muslims being killed accross the world.

Q: There are too many Muslims dying across the world. When will we realise we are creating more terrorists than we are getting rid of?

There’s three separate issues, Miliband says. First is Islamophobia and just like anti-semitism and other forms of prejudice we should be strong against Islamophobia.

Secondly, we must learn the lessons of the past, such as the Iraq war.

Thirdly, this concerns Isil. Isil is an evil organisation terrorising Muslims, Christians, Yadzidis, non-Muslims. We must approach this in a different way that we did in the past. We must work with regional partners, not thinking it can be Britain and American alone.

I think that is a good answer.