Maundy Thursday saw the Pope washing feet of a few people

We are now into Holy week, Maundy Thursday saw the Pope washing feet of a few people [including a few bemused migrants] Our Queen as stopped doing this many years ago and gives out specially minted money instead.

We stripped the alter in our Church after having a service which symbolises the betrayal of Jesus, by his trusted disciples, to the legal Authorities?  Leaving their leader to face the consequence on his own.

The delinquents of ISIS

The news is full about the horrendous acts of mass murder that occurred in Brussels on Tuesday.

Following the attacks, some commentators from the right or far right wing were quick to link the tragedy recent Syrian refugees which have recently arrived in Europe in large numbers. Some even suggested that those that supported a humanitarian response to the events in Syria had blood on their hands.

Today it has been confirmed that the bombers were Belgian citizens who had not travelled from Syria - one had attempted to travel but was arrested and then returned to Belgium by Turkey last summer. These individuals were delinquents already known by the Belgian Security Services for petty crime

Some thoughts on the Revival Webb site

Some thoughts on the Revival Webb site

Some thoughts on the Revival Webb site, I have dropped by on this site for some time now and found it most interesting. I accept its main aim to reach a Muslim audience who are mainly in their teens and twenties.

As the Magazine says on its front page “Voice of the Muslim Youth”. The magazine goes back to 2005. I have looked through articles in the magazine, finding some both controversial, yet thought provoking. But don’t take my word for it have a look for yourself.

Ad Blockers

Do you use ad blockers?

I never used to, but recently on my home PC I started to use a to stop the PC from connecting to malicious ip addresses. This hosts file also blocked many advertising urls and ip addresses too.

One thing i have noticed is that the brwoser has become a lot more stable since I have started to do this and sites load faster too.

"Cessation of hostilities" reached in Syria

Syrian Army tank hit by explosives in Deraaya

As I right this, the time has been reached for a "cessation of hostilities" in Syria.

This is not the same as a cease fire, because, well, they wont be ceasing fire.

Some groups such as ISIS and Al Nusra will still be targeted by Assad. Previously, Assad and Russia have in the name of bombing ISIS bombed anyone but ISIS, so it will be worth noting what happens this time.

Other smaller groups may join the cessation of hostilities, or they may not depending on many things including whether they themselves are bombed and targetted.

I don't think that anyone really expects much to be accomplished here, but even an unfair cessation of hostilities is better than nothing because atleast the people will have some peace - if it works out.

Immigration and movements within the EU

France Wants all Travelling EU Nationals Fingerprinted

French authorities are calling for EU-wide rules requiring travelling EU nationals to give their fingerprints and possibly also have their faces scanned.

Is your Faith Strong enough to listen to other views on Religion?

Is your Faith Strong enough to listen to other views on Religion?

I came across a U-Tube video with Stephen Fry being asked question on RTE about what will happen when he dies and does God exist.

He raised some issues that made one think. The usually questions, Why does God allow bad things to happen? Also if God did exist and was so perfect he could have done a better job of it.

Probable Fall of Aleppo to the Assad regime

Syrian Flag

Recently, the Assad forces have managed to gain an upper hand in their fight to gain control of Aleppo which has now almost been encircled. This assault has been supported by russian air strikes that have often indicriminately targeted civilians and while purportedly targetted ISIS, they have notably stuck everyone but ISIS.

Encirclement will allow the Assad regime to carry out their time tested practice of starving the place into submission or death. A detailed map of the city and who controls what is available at

Muslim Men stopping Muslim women from becoming Labour Councillors?

 There is an interesting story over at the BBC -

In the article it states that Muslim Women's Network UK has written to Jeremy Corbyn demanding an enquiry.

The article also mentions some smear campaigns that have been used to discredit candidates.

As someone who is not involved in any political party so I can't really verify or comment on the types of claims mentioned and if it is normal business (with perhaps men also being trargetted with different types of smear campaigns?) but it is an interesting read.