I had a strange dream

I had a strange dream?

I woke up one morning after a strange dream. I dreamt that I was walking in the countryside up a gentle hill and on reaching the top. I found that I was looking down on to a grassy meadow.

In the meadow I saw three men who appeared to be walking round in circles, I could tell that they had been doing this for some time, as the grass was flattened and bare soil was to be seen places. Every time one of the men came close to another man who was also walking round in a circle, they seemed to be shouting at each other and waving their arms and fists? A rather strange sight to behold.

Re Issue of an article by The Slogg [ref Saudi-Yemen]

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Since last Wednesday, crude oil prices have been rising until the global median reached $45.Tanks need oil, and now that the Saudis have invaded North Yemen – seizing control of two areas in the Saada province – demand may go up. Really? Enough to evoke a 5-bucks rise? The rationale for the invasion is the Saudi need to counter growing retaliatory attacks by Yemeni forces on Saudi soil. Um, just run that past me again: ‘to counter growing retaliatory attacks’? Always get your retaliation in first, that’s what I say.

Manchester girl, 16, pleads guilty to terror charges

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BBC News reports that an unnamed has pled guilty to 2 counts of terrorism charges related to posessing documents that were likely to be of use to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism.

This is linked to the arrest of a who had previously pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.

Persecuted and Forgotten?

Persecuted and Forgotten?

No I am not talking about Muslims who feel hard done by? I am talking about Christians.

Christians – already the world's most persecuted faith – are suffering worse persecution, violence and intimidation.

The above is a link to the full article, plus I ask you to watch the video [only 4 mins] and still say it is only Muslims who are suffering.

A Pakistani Christian woman as been on Death row for five years.

A Pakistani Christian woman as been on Death row for five years.

A Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi, as been on death row for the past five years for Blasphemy charges.

“The Christian mother of five had been on death row since 2010 after being accused of blasphemy during a dispute over drinking water concerning a fellow factory worker. The death penalty was upheld last October by the Lahore High Court but yesterday the Supreme Court suspended the sentence until the end of the appeal process.”

Persecution of Pakistan's Christians by fanatical Islam

Persecution of Pakistan's Christians by fanatical Islam is a betrayal of Jinnah and founding fathers

The following is a summary of an article by Bishop Michael Nazirili, who just happens to originate from Pakistan and was a Bishop in Lahore before coming to the UK. He was the Bishop of Rochester before retiring .

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The persecution of Pakistani Christians in Pakistan. Christians represent 2% of the population of Pakistan. They are treated as second class citizens.

Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham top GCSE pile

New figures released ahead of this year's results show that three Muslim schools in the city were among Birmingham's top 20

Independent Islamic schools in Birmingham are proving to be cream of the crop when it comes to GCSE results, new figures have revealed.

As teenagers across Birmingham are due to receive their GCSE results on Thursday, latest Department for Education statistics show that three Muslim schools in the city featured among the top 20 results last summer.

Malcolm X on the Importance of Da'wah

Malcolm X

This post is following on from my previous blog post where that had Muslims actually carried out Da'wah in America, people would not have fallen for the lies by Elijah Muhammad.

When Malcolm X went on Hajj and saw the true Islam in its multicultural glory, he also saw that the Muslims were complacent. As someone that had in the past recruited thousands of people, the wheels in his mind were spinning: