The damage caused by gossip

Half way through an Islamic course, it occurred to me that the guy sitting in front of me could be my friend’s ex boyfriend. I had little idea of what her ex looked like but the chances of another white convert, around my age, with the same name were pretty small. I went home and whatsapped her to tell her about this surprising coincidence. She in return sent me a pic of him from a few years ago and I was now sure that it was in fact him. I told her I had wanted to ask him if he knew my friend and I wanted to see his reaction. I even told her that if I get an opportunity, in the next class, I’d ask him. But I’m rethinking that idea now.

David Cameron shouldn't be given a mandate to extend war into Syria

Eurofighter Typhoon

David Cameron is seeking to extend the UK's bombing campaign of ISIS from Iraq and into Syria.

I will ignore the issues of international law (No Syria invitation, no UN mandate) for the simple reason that international law is a joke and might is often right.

The question is a simple one: should the UK bomb (ISIS in) Syria. The answer is even simpler: No.

A major argument used to support such an idea is a flawed one: By definition any individual attacking people in the UK will not be in Syria.

If that individual was in Syria, at that point in time they wouldnt be a threat to us in the UK.

The use of the attacks in Paris are just a ruse, a useful excuse to push an interventionist policy and one that should be countered.

Even Google are capable of screwing up web design

I used Google+. Mostly because its not personal and I dont have to associate with people.

A lot of technical communities are on there and if you are interested in technology, it is an interesting place.

Yesterday Google announced that they had a funky new redesign that people could opt in to.

I did and it was/is horrible. I have backed out to the old style.

Let's just say that I feel less guilty about all the horrible design decisions I have forced upon others on this site.

Muslim Marriage Events Birmingham

We are holding the next single muslims marriage event on Sunday 22nd November 2015 at Tipu Sultan, Moseley, Birmingham.

Group 1 - Divorcees Event

Group 2 - Singles Event

The event is acting as an intermediary for people who are seeking marriage partners. The setting is very much open to all individuals to speak with each other. However, we will have advisors that will support individuals who feel shy or need an intermediary between their discussions. Inshallah we will also be supporting women who feel they need to be in a segregated environment.
The age group that has currently shown a high interest in coming to the event has been between 21-45.

Please bear in mind these events are going to be conducted in a professional manner.

The Good Samaritan; or The Gay Atheist

The Good Samaritan; or The Gay Atheist

A simple story based on a parable (story) told by Jesus 2000 years ago. Probably still relevant today.

For those who are not aware, a Samaritan was a member of a Jewish sect living in Judea at the time of Jesus. Some did not recognise them as proper Jews, having intermarried with people, who lived also in Judea, but were not Jewish, even though a Samaritan followed all the Jewish dietary rules, kept the Sabbath, and thought of himself as a Jew.

  The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke chap10 verse 30-37) For more information and the original version.

Hysteria over Jeremy Corbyn

The Telegraph's attempted smear of Jeremy Corbyn

It has now been a few weeks since Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the leader if the Labour Party.

I thought he was a decent person and after initially being underwhelmed by the candidates in the leadership election, I eventually got behind him and even paid to vote. (I am still debating whether to join the Labour Party though, asany of his parliamentary colleagues are off putting.)

As a non establishment figure, he has been faced with hostility from the governing party, his own party and the press.

Russia joins the Assault on ISIS.

Syrian Flag

Russia has loudly entered the Syrian conflict, declaring its war on ISIS.

ISIS, the same bogeyman the western governments want us to be terrified of while ignore the butchery committed by Bashar al Assad.

This intervention has arrived at an opportune moment with the West wavering on who and where they want to fight and Turkey being in a state of flux due to inconclusive elections in June that have left the country in a situation where we are still waiting to see who holds the balance of power.

The Russian intervention could be a game changer, or it could simply only slow the collapse of teh Assad Regime.

The one thing the Russian intervention "against ISIS" has not done, is to actually attack ISIS.