The British should not bomb Syria

This may seem obvious, but the UK should stay out. SO should the rest of the "west".

There are plenty of people calling for intervention, and not only from the west. But my opinion is that we should stay out.

We don't have a good track record - recent examples and Iraq and Libya, but this goes all the way back to World War 1.

Well, I should rephrase that - we don't have a good track record for the people living there. I am sure prestige was gained and riches obtained in them all.

Another thing to remember is that when you go to war, there is always a reaction.

Super simple Banana Pancake Recipe

I got told about this super simple banana pancake recipe at work.

It has only two ingredients - banana and  egg.

You take a banana, peel it, crush the fruit, add egg  (eggs per banana) and whisk before putting it into the pan.

Super simple.

I made it even simpler - instead of crushing the banana and whisking the egg in, why not stick it in a blender?

I did that, made the pancake and then remembered something really really important.

kind of a deal break important really: I am not a fan of pancakes.


11.30PM - I am extremely exhausted after a long and enjoyable day of shopping with one of my sisters. I eat, pray and fall asleep.

1.00AM - I am in a deep sleep though I soon find out that the house phone rang. Yes, a phone call at crazy o'clock, can you believe it? Why would anyone ring at such a time? How inconsiderate!!

A few minutes after 1.00AM - I am woken up by the sister whom I share a bedroom with saying that my youngest sister's school sent an automated message saying that my sister has been caught on CCTV doing something she should've have and that she must report to the head mistress first thing in the morning with her pencilcase and that she risks being excluded. 

Benefitting from the Quran

The only way we can truly benefit from the Qur'an is to build a strong connection and relationship with it. So, how can we do this? My friend shared the following with me and it's worth reading.

1 - Every time we go to recite the Qur'an or touch the Qur'an, we should renew our intention, that we are about to take the step to speak to Allah ﷻ. Know the value of this Book of Allah. We have so many copies of the Qur'an around the world, in abundance, that we lose value for the Qur'an. Know that if this Qur'an was revealed on a mountain, it would crumble, perish, be destroyed. This is the true value of His Book.

"Leave the future alone until it comes"

Be not hasty and rushed for things that have yet to come to pass.

Do you think it is wise to pick fruits before they become ripe? Tomorrow is non-existent, having no reality today, so why should you busy yourself with it? Why should you have apprehensions about future disasters? Why should you be engrossed by their thoughts, especially since you do not know whether you will even see tomorrow?

The important thing to know is that tomorrow is from the world of unseen, a bridge that we do not cross until it comes. Who knows, perhaps we might never reach the bridge, or the bridge might collapse before we reach it, or we may actually reach it and cross safely.

Spiritual burnout

For me the weeks and days leading to Ramadan are filled with hope, enthusiasm and determination. I look forward to the days and nights of tranquillity and a sense of unity among the ummah, worldwide.  I long for the shayateen to be locked up so I can begin my soul searching and be steadfast in my worship. Just the thought of having the chance to improve myself and gain both reward and forgiveness seems to relieve my heart and make me happy.

Amid all this positivity I can forget that Ramadan is not a magic pill. It’s not an overnight (or over 30 nights) cure for all my sins and negative personality traits. Nor does it necessarily mean that I will be able to continue the same level of worship throughout the month or after it.

Let's Talk show - Schedule


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Ramadhan Regime: Salah

Muslims praying in Mosque

Hello there reader and Ramadhan Mubarak!

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk to approximately 100 people at the institute where I study. I spoke about the importance and reward of salah and the consquences for not performing salah. Often this is a topic we think we know so much about and it can get a bit yawn-worthy because we've heard it all before. 

I wanted to give my audience something to take back with them and something which they could adopt and put into practice. I gave them some tips on how to overcome laziness towards salah, how we can prepare ourselves for salah and how we can enhance our concentration in salah. I thought it would be worth sharing with you too.